4-Year-Old Shocks Mom By Revealing He Is The Reincarnation Of His Miscarried Siblling

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4-Year-Old Shocks Mom By Revealing He Is The Reincarnation Of His Miscarried Sibling

Laura Mazza - Mom on the Run/Facebook

Children do and say the darnest things sometimes, but they're usually just silly comments that we laugh off and move on.

However, sometimes they do say things that chill us to the bone, especially when we know that they're telling the truth.  

Laura Mazza, a mom and blogger based in Australia, recently poured her thoughts on Instagram and made a shocking revelation to her followers about her four-year-old son, Luca.

Mazza, who writes under the name Mum on the Run, started off her eerie post by revealing that she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Luca.

"I remember having a positive pregnancy test and then a few days later bad pains and a heavy period," she wrote. "I wasn't sure what it was, and only now that I'm wiser I have an idea."

She added, "I got pregnant with Luca pretty much straight away."

Mazza explained that from the moment her son was born she knew that he "had walked this earth before."

"Like a little old man he's always been wise and said some really funny things, sang along to old songs that he wouldn't have heard in his four-year-old life," she continued.

But it wasn't until one night during bath time that Mazza became convinced her son is truly "an old soul."

According to the mom, Luca asked her if they lived in Australia and when she answered "yes," Luca disagreed with her, explaining why he did not live in Australia.

"I lived in your tummy... I was there, but then I died," Luca said, according to Mazza.

The mom of three initially did not understand what her son was talking about, so she asked him to explain further. She really was not prepared for what he was going to say.

"He said, "˜no mummy, I came to your tummy and then I died. I went looking for you but I couldn't find you, I went to your house, I went everywhere but you couldn't hear me when I called you. So then I was sad, but then I became an angel,'" Mazza wrote. "'I missed you so I wanted to come back to you so then I was a baby in your tummy again and then I was born again.'"

It finally dawned on her that Luca was the reincarnation of the baby she miscarried before having him.

"I just stared at him and cried. Our babies know who they want to be their mummas long before we know they exist," she continued before adding that Luca's story is "proof that they [children] really do choose us and their souls are always with us in this life or the next."

Mazzo's followers thanked her for sharing the story, with some saying that it gave them "total goosebumps."

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