5 Amazing Student Life Hacks

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5 Amazing Student Life Hacks

A student’s life is not easy, and everybody knows that. Even those who have never been to college or university seem to understand how challenging it might be to deal with a lot of tasks at the same time. Therefore, it is quite easy to comprehend that students might use a bit of help the other day. When somebody stays at the beginning of their academic life, they still find it hard to track all the loopholes that might ease their college life as their mind is totally focused on rather what to learn but no how to make it efficiently. In fact, there is a great number of life hacks for college, and this article will tell you five of them, which we find to be the most fascinating.

1. Color Your Life and Your Notes

You might find it lame and even childish, but using different colored pens or pencils can actually help you study faster. The usage of color is without a single shred of doubt one of the most efficient college life hacks for boosting your learning capabilities. Lectures written with different colored pens are easier to navigate through and locate the information needed.

2. Manage Your Time

Yes, this lifehack seems to be pretty obvious and even hackneyed for all the authors in the world right now only write about time management and leaving one’s comfort zone. Well, the point for mentioning it on our list is that sometimes an average student seems to have less time than a CEO of a big corporation because the number of deadlines pressing upon him or her is way more extensive. Probably, every UK student was there, thinking: “I have to write my dissertation fast because I have forgotten about the deadline”. Writing a dissertation is not the easiest of tasks, especially when you find yourself in the middle of “I am out of my time” situation. So the decision to pay for dissertation doesn’t seem bad at all.

3. Get a Glass Alarm

One of the most widespread problems that college students have to deal with is sleeping through their alarms, thus missing lectures, workshops, and eventually failing to pass an exam. If you are a heavy sleeper, here comes a truly genius campus life hack. Put your phone into a glass cup, and you will surely wake up to your alarm. First, the sound will be louder. Secondly, you’ll need more time to turn it off, and you will probably have to get off your bed to do so.

4. Vertical Order of Things

When you write a dissertation, it is quite unlikely that you will say: “I shall write my conclusion first”. So, why would you want to create more problems for yourself in your daily dorm life, right? When it comes to arranging your clothes in the drawer, make sure to put them in vertically. It will help you to see what clean clothes you have left without making a mess in the drawer. It will save you a lot of time and effort that you will have to put to cleaning everything up.

5. Tennis Balls Are Not for Tennis Only

Every third student in the UK has at least once lost the keys to the dorm room. Sometimes, it all ends up making a cheap copy from the roommate’s key, and sometimes, you will have to pay a huge fine for losing college’s property. Also, there might be a lot of writing procedures waiting for you. You will have to explain that you have lost the key and that you now need a new one. So, do yourself a favor, get a tennis ball, cut a slit in it, and screw it to your doors or a wall near it. Thus, you will have a ‘permanent station’ for your keys. Sometimes college dorm life hacks are all about preserving what is rightfully yours.


Regardless of how hard a student’s life can be, it is also a lot of fun. Indeed, living a dorm sometimes might look like a challenge, which it truly is, but it is definitely a challenge that is worth accepting. Furthermore, all the college hacks and especially the dorm room life hacks will become the lessons that you will remember for the rest of your life. They will help you deal with a great number of adult life challenges, and you will surely start valuing them after the most romantic, wild, and free phase of your life will come to an end.

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