5 Cooking Myths You Probably Believed


5 Cooking Myths You Probably Believed

Do you think you're a wiz in the kitchen?

You know all the hacks, tips, tricks and the food you produce comes out quickly and tastes great. You have a recipe book that rivals an ancient spell-book that you can work your own magic over the stove-top with.

Well, check out these lesser known facts that will make you question food and cooking as a whole.

How many did you already know?

1. Bread becomes stale after it loses moisture.

Wise Bread

Exactly the opposite actually. When bread absorbs moisture, it crystallizes which results in the dry and crumbly feeling you get of stale bread. Just another reason to tie up the bag after you pull out a slice.

2. Lobsters scream when you boil them.

Maine Lobster Now

Do you avoid cooking fresh lobster at home because you're afraid of the screams when you put them in the pot? Those sounds you hear when lobster hits boiling water are not screams at all, but steam escaping from their shell. You can pass the garlic butter now.

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If you've heard the cooking myth over and over, it may not only sound familiar but you may actually believe it to be true.

Stop making these mistakes because as it turns out, they don't carry any weight.

3. Searing steaks seals in the moisture.

Serious Eats

You've marinated, and now are ready to sear your steak to seal in all those delicious juices before you finish it in the oven. This is common practice for most households because it was believe it would make the steaks more moist in the long run. This in fact was a myth that was debunked by Food Network personality Alton Brown.

4. All the alcohol disappears when food is cooked.

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From rum cake to Chicken Marsala, some recipes call for different types of alcohol to get the flavors and textures you are looking for. Most people believe that all the alcohol evaporates when the food is cooked, when in fact up to 85% can be left behind.

5. Microwaves kill nutrients.

Built Lean

Most of us are guilty of nuking our lunch at the office or steaming vegetables when we get home. We have always heard that microwaves kill the nutrients in your food (and we still do it anyways). Well, good news, that is a myth. Actually quite the opposite, because microwave cooks your food in a shorter time, they can actually preserve more nutrients.

Which one were you the most surprised about?