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5 Elevator Horror Stories That Will Make You Take The Stairs


Claustrophobic or not, elevators are uncomfortable for just about everyone. Packed into a sardine can with a group of strangers standing shoulder to shoulder, or alone in a small box wondering if the floor is about to drop out from beneath you. Stranger things have happened, check out his video of one lucky maid who escaped disaster in the building she works in.

1. The Chair In The Corner - Seattle, Washington

While competing in a pageant in Seattle, Washington, a young woman, her mother, and brother were staying in a hotel the night after the competition. The young lady and her mother went looking for vending machines because they had a craving for junk food.

They had to head down a couple floors to find the machines, but instead of taking the normal elevators which were quite a distance from their room, they decided to use the service elevator which was right in their hall.

When the doors opened, they noticed that there was a chair sitting in the corner, likely for the maids to sit and rest while travelling between floors. The daughter made a comment "I bet you someone is sitting in this chair." It was a comment just out of hand, but when they got to the floor they needed the doors to the elevator wouldn't open. The daughter than proceeded to say, "Maybe this thing is haunted." The minute she said that, both mother and daughter heard a low, uncomfortable laugh, "ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," it sounded as if it were coming through an old radio. The two of them sprinted out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened.

Was this a prank or a true paranormal experience?

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2. The Third Reflection - Arizona, USA

Mirrors are said to allow you to see spirits, even if they are not seen by the naked eye. One woman in Arizona had multiple experiences in the mirror elevator at her work. Multiple times over the course of months, she (and a few of her co-workers) would see someone get on the elevator as they were turning the corner to do that themselves. But upon getting into the lift themselves, no one would be waiting for them. None of them seemed to want to talk about it, but the woman at the center of this story (whom said her family has always had a feel for the paranormal) could see the distorted reflection of a figure over six feet tall standing in the elevator with them.

Months went by, and finally someone brought up the subject with her, asking her if she was seeing what was going on as well? It turns out that a woman who worked for the same company as them had died of a heart attack in that very elevator. The woman who had died was roughly six feet tall, and fit the general description of the distorted reflection people had been seeing.

Real or not?

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3. Straight Out Of A Horror Movie - Seville, Spain

The feeling of unease, or the potential for the paranormal are not the only things that make elevators terrifying places for people. The fear of a malfunction causing the car to plummet, or getting caught in the doors as the lift begins to move are very real fears.

Unfortunately for one family in Seville, Spain, the later part of that statement came true in a horrifying situation. Rocio Cortes Nunez, 26, had just giving birth to her third daughter and was being transported to another floor of the Our Lady of Valme Hospital. Her stretcher was being removed from the elevator when the doors began to close and she became stuck in the doors. The elevator began to move and didn't stop. Mrs. Nunez was unfortunately killed in the horrific accident, leaving behind a young family with far more questions than answers.  

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4. The Avalon Theater - Easton, Maryland

The historic Avalon Theater in Easton Maryland is a well known spot on the Chesapeake Ghost Walks Tour, specifically the elevator. One of the former owners of the theater tells of a murder that took place inside the building. An actress was found murdered in the elevator.

The spirit of the woman has been seen entering and exiting the elevator. The spirit will supposedly stare right at you if you see her, before she disappears back from whence she came. The elevator is also known to move on its own, without any warning. The ding that the elevator makes when it reaches its destination is loud and startling, especially for staff who are there on their own after hours.

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5. Jerry Chenault - Bronx, New York

In January 1995, James Chenault was at work in the Kingsbridge Welfare Center. He along with several other people boarded the building's elevator on the first floor. They noticed that the car made an usually quick trip to the second floor, and when the doors opened, the floor of the car wasn't level with the actually second floor. Mr. Chenault, being an upstanding gentlemen, decided to hold the doors open by straddling small gap between elevator and building and using his body to keep the doors open so that the women in the car could get off.

Before he had any time to react, the elevator car shot upwards, killing Mr. Chenault instantly.

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