5 Hidden Areas You Never Knew Existed In Your Favorite Places

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"What do you do for a living?", is likely the most common question you get when you are out meeting new people. It's a simple ice-breaker, but in reality few people truly care what you do for a job. To most of them it's the same old boring crap that they hear from everyone, but occasionally someone will have something interesting to add to the conversation, specifically about their workplace as opposed to their job.

There are some workplaces that have "secret" areas that you would never expect. If you work at one of these places you know exactly what I am talking about.

1. Mall/Department Store "Jail" Cell

Yes, this is not an urban legend, most malls and large department stores have their own holding cells. These are mostly used to hold shoplifters and other people causing disturbances inside the stores until police can arrive to deal with the situation officially.

They are similar in some aspects to actual jail cells, complete with a bench and toilet. But at least in these ones you aren't subjected to the same level of insanity as in a real jail.


2. Planes have their own sleeping quarters, or mini bedrooms.

You are all thinking about the "mile high" club aren't you? Get you mind's out of the gutter, these sleeping suites are used by flight attendants and pilots when they need to catch some sleep on long flights. Yes, there is a chance that these suites are used for "other" activities but that isn't any of our business...

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3. Movie theaters have a long hallway for the projectionist.

Films used to be handled by trained professionals when they were being shown in theaters (think Fight Club). It was time consuming work to handle multiple reels without interrupting the viewer experience.

Technology has made that part of a projectionist's life easier, but now they are expected to be able to handle multiple movies at the same time. This requires a godly amount of speed and coordination, that is why they now have their own "behind the scenes" passages. Don't apply unless you are in shape and don't mind running.

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