5 Qualities We Look for in New Hires

5 Qualities We Look for in New Hires

We recognize that experience comes in all different forms and that a desire to learn goes a long way. It isn't always about where we are coming from as much as it is where we want to go. So for us, leave the traditional interview attire in the closet and come ready to tell us about you and where you want to be.  

To give you a little head start, these are the Top Qualities we look for in our employees.

Ambitious Attitude

If you are interested in a job where you simply clock in and clock out, then this might not be the environment for you. No, that doesn't mean our staff does major overtime, it just means that our staff is here because they are focused on more than just their job at hand. We are a young company and are constantly growing. Everyone has the unique ability to learn, develop and grow with us.

We want people to be engaged and love what they do. Are you looking for a challenge and want to see something new in the company? Are you willing to step up to the plate and take on new tasks? The opportunities are there, it's just a matter of jumping in head first

Comfortable with Change

When you work for a  social media internet company the job is changing and evolving everyday. The ability to adapt to different circumstances, personalities and handle unforeseen events and situations with a sense of calm and humour are sought after traits. A flexible mind should be able to roll with the punches and go with the flow.  Not taking things personally and being able to thrive on feedback from both your colleagues and our fans on the internet will be invaluable.

Easy to Like

Are you a nice person? No, but really. Teamwork plays a big part in Shared's success. Hiring people with a good attitude, who have experience working with teams in the past and want to collaborate in their future opportunities is of huge importance to us. The culture here is helping, welcoming and one that is fueled by collaboration. For Shared it is all about communication over conflict and a disagreement is an opportunity for a productive discussion.


We are looking for honest people who will be here to do the job. We won't be looking over your shoulder and micromanaging your work because we believe having a great culture and being happy and engaged at work comes in all forms. Employees should be able to motivate themselves and be creative in their roles because we trust that at the end of the day you will show up, give it your all and simply get the job done.

Dare to be Creative

It isn't just about "thinking outside the box"; that is too cliche and we are anything but. We thrive on versatility and love when people can lend their skills to the various avenues of the company. Taking the time to understand what we do here and then reinventing your past experiences to bring something different and unique to the table is the kind of creative confidence we thrive on!

Think you have it all? Exciting jobs come up often so keep checking our careers page .