5 reasons to buy a used SUV instead of a band new one

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5 reasons to buy a used SUV instead of a band new one

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If you’ve decided that it’s time to bid goodbye to your old vehicle and you want to replace it with an SUV, you’re probably analyzing your options in search for the perfect car that will check all your boxes. While the prospect of driving one of the latest SUV models on the market can be very tempting, we suggest you take into consideration the idea of buying a used SUV instead.

Purchasing a pre-owned SUV comes with a series of benefits that can make this a much better choice for you, especially if you’re on a tight budget. So, let’s take a look at some of these advantages and then you can decide which is the best course of action.  

No need to break the bank

If money is not an issue for you and you can afford to buy any type of car your heart desires, then you don’t have a lot of thinking to do. But when every penny counts and your budget is limited, buying a used SUV is definitely the wisest option. Maybe you’ve already found the perfect SUV for you, but the purchase price for a brand new one is way above your budget. So why not buy it pre-owned? That way, you can drive the car that you want for a much cheaper price.  

Less depreciation

The moment you take a shiny new car out on the road, it starts to depreciate. All cars lose value over time, but new vehicles depreciate a lot faster. This means you’ll lose a lot of money in the first years of your car’s life. So, let’s say you’re interested in the SUV line produced by Suzuki. Would you rather buy the latest model right off the factory line and lose half of its value within three years, or opt for a used Suzuki Grand Vitara instead? The second option is definitely much more cost-effective.

Lower insurance costs

Since the decision of buying a car revolves mostly around financial aspects, here’s another budget-related benefit you can enjoy if you choose to purchase a used vehicle: lower insurance costs. Since the value of a pre-owned car is generally lower than the value of a brand-new model, insurance will also cost less, so you’ll be able to save money in the long run.

A wider variety of choice

Buying a new SUV usually implies making some sort of compromise. Most often than not, you’ll have to settle for choosing between a handful of models that fall within your price range, even if they’re not exactly ideal for you. But when you decide to buy a pre-owned SUV, variety won’t be an issue as you’ll have a lot more options to choose from.

Drive a better car

Considering you’ll have a wider variety of choice, chances are you’ll be able to find a much better SUV on the used car market for the same price you’d be willing to pay for a new car. With a bit of patience and some research, you can find great used SUVs that will surpass in both aesthetics and performance the new cars that you could afford.

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