5 Reasons to Get a Ride Home After a Night of Drinking

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5 Reasons to Get a Ride Home After a Night of Drinking

There's nothing wrong with sharing a drink with the people you love. With summer approaching, you're more likely to receive invites to Happy Hours, parties, and festivals. While you can have fun at these events, you should think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol.

1. You'll Have a Record

If you get caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you'll be arrested and have a record. In 2017, Alameda County, California police made 4,820 DUI arrests. A DUI is a serious offense that can result in authorities taking your license away after too many incidents. In worst-case scenarios, you or an innocent person could lose way more than that because of your drinking.

2. You Can Wreck Your Car

Owning a vehicle comes with many responsibilities. Except for a house, your car is one of the most expensive purchases you'll make in your lifetime. However, a drink that may have cost you $10 could cost you several thousand dollars after a crash. If you total your car during a crash, it can cost you a lot of money to replace it without proper insurance coverage. If you ruin someone else's car, that's even more money out of your pocket.

If you live in a city like Boston, New York, or San Francisco, you can easily get around on public transportation as you wait for car repair or buy a new one. However, there are many other places in the country where you must drive to get from one place to another. So being without your car for a period will mean you either have to rent another one or shell out the money for a new purchase.

3. You May Be Injured

Getting involved in a car accident can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Every year, people become disabled from these crashes. If you become disabled, you may no longer be able to work or at least not work the type of job you had before. The situation can result in a loss of income.

4. You'll Lose Income and Freedom

Driving drunk can help you lose income and freedom. As mentioned, becoming hurt or injured means you'll be in the hospital for a while recovering. If your DUI causes an accident that hurts someone else, you can go to jail for a long time. According to Oregon Trail Recovery, a detox program takes about seven to 10 days. So if you're legally obligated to go to a DUI detox program, you can be there for a couple of weeks.

5. You Could Kill Someone

Getting a ride home after having some drinks will not only save your life but the life of others on the road. According to Driver Knowledge, the average number of car accidents in the U.S. every year is six million. Among those six million people, many don't make it back home. Drunk car accidents have killed people of all ages, such as children, newlyweds, and entire families. So ask yourself when you have that next drink if it's worth killing an innocent person because you didn't want to grab an Uber or carpool with someone else.

When you hang out with the people in your inner circle, you should have a good time. You should look forward to seeing him again in a few days, next week, or whenever you get together. However, if you choose to get into a car after having a drink, you may change your life and theirs forever. Don't take the risk of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Driving responsibly or not at all can make the road safer for you, your friends, your family, and other innocent people.

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