5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Matters During the College Years

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5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Matters During the College Years

Also known as emotional quotient (EQ), emotional intelligence for students is the ability to recognize and manage the emotions you are feeling. It also means that you can motivate yourself to get a job done, and you understand the emotions of others and respond accordingly.

Why is emotional intelligence important? It is the link between your cognition and your emotions. It helps you complete your coursework and other school tasks while keeping your emotions in check. If cultivated, EI facilitates your capacity for empathy, reasoning, management of stress, resilience, communication, and social skills.

You can look at psychology essay samples to learn more about the benefits of EI. Below are some of the importance of emotional intelligence to you as a student.

Become More Self-Aware

A self-aware student is in check with their emotions. They know what they are feeling and can identify what triggers different emotions. They also understand how their emotions affect those around them.

With self-awareness, a student understands their strengths and weaknesses. They know where they perform best and where and when to ask for help from the professor or other students. Such understanding humbles them to realize that they cannot be good at everything.

Students can improve their self-awareness by first understanding psychology – you can learn more from free essay samples on psychology on https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/psychology/. They can learn to identify the triggers that can be in the form of statements, situations, persons, or any other. The more self-aware you are of yourself, the better you respond to when you are not in-the-moment.

Manage Hurtful Comments That Can Ruin Your School Life

EI helps you in self-regulation, where you are in control of your reactions to different scenarios. With this, you can manage hurtful comments and negative actions that can impact your performance and your relationships in school.

As the importance of emotional intelligence, self-regulation helps you work well with your classmates. No matter how intelligent you are academically, no one will want to work with you if you do not watch how you react to negative comments. To avoid acting hostile, you have to keep asking yourself whether your thoughts and actions are consistent with your values.

If you read any psychology essay sample, you will see that self-regulation helps you become more flexible to work with your fellow scholars. You can improve your self-regulation by first looking at your errors before blaming others.

Be Self-Motivated

Self-motivation helps you work consistently towards what you want to achieve in school. It is through self-motivation that you can set a high standard for the quality of work you do. If, for instance, you are writing an essay on psychology, you are more likely to put in more hours towards the task if you are self-motivated.

The inner drive to get things done excellently helps you in college and after you join the workforce. Sometimes you might feel your self-motivation wane, especially if you do not see results for a while. At such times, you can boost it by reminding yourself of one thing that you did that brought so much success in your schoolwork.

Be Empathetic While Working With Others

An empathetic scholar can deeply connect with those around them. Here, you can offer support, guidance, and comfort to other students. The importance of emotional intelligence here is the positive energy and synergy that you gain from helping others.

By helping others, you become better at solving problems. You also earn respect and loyalty from other scholars, which goes a long way in making your life in school easier. You can be more empathetic by placing yourself in other people's positions and looking at things from that point.

Enhance Your Social Skills

The way you relate with other college students will determine how good you are at your coursework. When you combine empathy with social skills, you become socially intelligent. When you can relate well with others, you make them happier, and you end up happy. You can diplomatically resolve conflicts.

To be socially intelligent, start with engaging with other learners and seek to understand them better.


Emotional intelligence for students starts with self-awareness. It is only when you are aware of your feelings that you can understand those around you.

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