5 Rules for Choosing a Window Installation Contractor

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5 Rules for Choosing a Window Installation Contractor

Installing windows is the last step in any renovation. When the repair work is already over, you no longer want to do anything. Here it is important to avoid the biggest temptation - to contact an inexpensive, and supposedly "best" window installation company. This choice can be costly. And it's not just about money, it's also about your time. The window contractors who install windows must be carefully selected.

1.  How long on the market?

Yes, you can't argue here. The more years a company has been installing windows, the better. This will positively affect the quality of the services provided, and also means that the company will not disappear within a month and will conscientiously fulfill all its obligations under the warranty service.

Modern double-glazed windows are in great demand, so there are many scammers among their sellers. A bad company attracts buyers with low prices, installs poor-quality windows, and then refuses to change windows.

2. Availability of an office

If a company indicates only an email address, this indicates that its representatives have something to hide.

The site should contain information on how to call the company and the location of the office and production facilities.

The company must have a good reputation in the market and have its own office, warehouse, production area, officially registered.

A real professional company should have its own place where you can view product samples, communicate with managers, sign contracts, study all documents and certifications on the windows.

3. Literacy of the operator

Have you ever dealt with boring operators? It feels like they are trying to sell you something. Pay attention to the literacy and awareness of the manager. A real operator will help you in everything.

You should ask the company for all the details, including how the structures will be installed, what customer requirements are, what color windows can be chosen, how good the sound insulation is, and the like. This will allow you to select the option that suits your needs.

If the manager hesitates when answering specific questions about windows, the whole conversation boils down to making an order faster, it's worth considering!

4. Website and content

Having a website just a few years ago was just an added bonus. Now its presence is simply necessary.

The presence of a website, pages in social networks, as well as an office for signing an agreement are a plus in favor of the company.

We recommend that you carefully explore the portal, find all the necessary information:

  • product documents, activity permit, certificates;
  • articles (good expert articles show that people know their stuff);
  • reviews with real contact details;
  • portfolio is a good indicator of working examples presented on the site with detailed before and after photos.

Serious companies also maintain pages on social networks, they can also be studied.

5. Cost

Each of us wants to save money. Even if we know that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, we can still trust marketers and fall into the trap of installing low-quality windows.

Most importantly, read the contract carefully. Some works are paid separately, and some unnecessary fittings may be included in the price. When evaluating a contractor's offer, never look at the price. Look at the quality and the company itself!

Window companies usually advertise well-known profile manufacturers very loudly, but are silent about the quality of the assembly itself. If the company does not report this information on the website, check it yourself. You can come to the office with a specialist who will help you evaluate the quality of the windows.

We hope these tips will help you make the right choice.

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