5 Signs You Are In Need Of Crawlspace Mold Removal

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5 Signs You Are In Need Of Crawlspace Mold Removal

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Mold grows in damp places where the sun does not reach. Such can be a place such as a crawlspace. When some houses are built, there are unfinished spaces between the first floor and the ground floor. These sections are not normally occupied because they are narrow and one may not even be able to stand in such spaces. This is the reason that space is known as a crawl space. These spaces cannot also be referred to as basements for the fact that they are not. They are most advisable for places where it is dry. Now, when you realize that your crawl space has mold growing in it, you need to have it removed so that the place does not remain damp. Mold is not healthy and therefore, one must hire a Crawlspace Mold Remediation Service to get rid of it.

Now, what are some of the signs that your crawl space requires mold removal? We shall consider this topic for today.

Here are 5 signs that you need to remove crawl space mold:

1.    Mold odor in the crawl space

This is the first sign that somebody should detect from their crawl space. The moment you can detect the smell of mold, that is a clear sign that mold has been growing and needs attention. Mold grows in a crawl space because the place is not well insulated. The ventilation may also be poor and this means that since dry air is not circulating, the molds will grow. So, how do you detect the smell of mold? Well, the smell is said to be dump smell, earthy, or musty. Any time you notice such a smell from any part of the home near the crawlspace, it means that you have to inspect all the suspect areas. Sometimes you may not see the mold but as long as you can smell it, that is a clear sign that you have to bring mold removal experts to work on the crawlspace.

2.    Moisture

Moisture is another sign that your crawl space is growing molds, or is going to grow molds. You should inspect the area frequently and remedy any mold problems that you notice in the shortest time possible. One of the best ways to avoid condensation is by improving the ventilation of the area. You can install downspouts and gutters, use of a dehumidifier, or installing a suitable drainage system. You can also restrict the movement of air in your crawl space or the attic.

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3.    Increased bills

Increased bills could be another sign that there is a growth of mold in your home. There could be leaks in the home and this can be an easy cause of molds. If you are not able to detect the leaks, it could be happening in the walls and therefore you have to find a professional to sort out this problem. Once the fix is made, ensure that the area is adequately aired to avoid any more growth. Molds could also affect your HVAC system and in the process cause a bigger electricity bill. Any time you find that your utility bills have increased all of a sudden, this could be a sign of leakages and growth of mold as a consequence.

4.    Pests enter the crawlspace

If pests are entering and leaving the crawlspace, then these will cause damages and this then means water or moisture can leak into that space. Rainwater and runoff water are likely to enter the crawlspace or the attic and the result will be the growth of molds. The remedy here is to inspect the place regularly and do away with any pests before they cause damage. If the damage is already done, repairs should be carried out immediately.

5.    Visible mold growth and allergies

Another easy diagnosis of mold is the visibility of the molds, so to say. You can tell a place that is mold-infested by just looking at it and seeing the mold characteristics. Sometimes the mold may look like soot and hence confuse the homeowners. Whether what is visible is mold or not should be cleared in the earliest opportune time. Sometimes you may also experience a lot of allergies caused by breathing in mold spores. This allergic reaction should be a warning sign to you that there could be mold growing in the home.

Many other signs can tell you that mold is growing in your home. If you are not sure of the signs, always call specialists to check out for the mold for you. You can also do your online research to know the signs of mold growth in a home.

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