5 Tasty Facts About Yorkshire Pudding


5 Tasty Facts About Yorkshire Pudding

While we may never agree about what the definitive British meal is, these delicious pastries are a strong contender.

If you've never sampled these deliciously chewy, savory rolls you're missing out on one of the simple pleasures of life. Whether you eat them in the traditional style with gravy, cover them in chocolate for dessert, or just enjoy a plate of them before dinner, there's no wrong way to eat Yorkshire pudding.  

For everyone who loves this classic part of Sunday dinner, here are 5 interesting facts about these treats.

1. Care for some drippings?

These pastries were originally named "dripping pudding" because they would be cooked underneath a roast to catch the fat dripping off of it. This is still a pretty common way to enjoy them, but lots of people prefer their pudding to stay dry!

2. This dish has a LONG history

The first recipe for a dish resembling Yorkshire pudding is found in the 1737 instructional book for wives The Whole Duty of a Woman. But people are still on the hunt for the best recipe, and every month there are 110,000 internet searches across the UK for Yorkshire pudding recipes.

3. Whoa Bessie!

The most popular Yorkshire pudding makers in Britain are Aunt Bessie's, who make 20 million puddings every week!

4. Want to split it?

The largest pudding ever baked was 46 meters long. Don't ask us how they fit it in the kitchen, let alone in the oven!

5. Jamie knows best

By far the most popular recipe for Yorkshire pudding online is Jamie Oliver's. Every month 14,000 people search for it online, not to mention all the people who make it using his cookbooks.

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