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5 Things You Should Never Order From Your Favorite Restaurants, And What You Should Get Instead

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When you sit down in your favorite restaurant to enjoy a meal with family, friends or a new date, do you ever consider how many calories, grams of fat and carbs you're taking in?

While it may be obvious that going to a restaurant is not as healthy as cooking food at home, some menu items may surprise you about how much they really add to your waistline.

Here are some of the worst restaurants offenders and a substitute that will give you a similar taste, but without all the extra calories.

Read all the way to the end for a surprisingly popular restaurant menu item that makes the list!

Ruby Tuesday

Stay away from the Smokehouse Burger. Loaded with New York cheddar, bacon, tangy barbecue sauce and crisp onion rings, this not only packs in a punch of flavor but will hit your waistline hard.

With a whopping 1155 calories and 71 grams of fat, this is one burger you will want to avoid on the menu.

Instead, opt for a turkey burger wrap that will only cost you 591 calories and leave you feeling satisfied.

Olive Garden

With a whopping 1,170 calories stay away from the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. This baked blend of Italian cheese, pasta and signature five cheese marinara, this may be a cheese-lover's dream, but you won't like what it has to offer your body. With 48 grams of fat and 112 grams of carbs, this one is worth skipping.

Instead opt for a leaner Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken that will only cost you 420 calories, but still satisfy your craving for Italian food.

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While some menu items are obviously not a healthy choice, you'd be surprised that some lighter fare options are part of the worst offender's list.

Ordering fish, and seafood that tend to be lighter on calories aren't always the healthy option. Looking at what it's paired with and how it's cooked will give you an idea of extra sugar, salt and carbs that are being added to, what was a healthy protein.

T.G.I Fridays

While you may think that Hibachi Steak Skewers are a simple and healthy choice, they certainly will take up a lot of your calorie intake for the day. These skewers of steak and sides will run you 1,390 calories

Instead opt for a 6 ounce Sirloin for a total of 370 calories.


While you may think that you're making a healthy choice by ordering fish, you're best to skip past this menu item. The Fish & Chips at Denny's will run you 1,080 calories and 49 grams of fat. You will also have 117 grams of carbs to worry about for this dish.

Instead opt for a Fit Fare Tilapia Ranchero for 450 calories.

P.F. Chang's

The sweetness of candied walnuts paired with the citrus Asian aioli may sound appealing, but you will want to take a pass when you see the calorie count of this popular meal. P.F. Chang's Shrimp with Candied Walnuts adds up to a total of 1,380 calories and doesn't include rice. With 104 grams of total fat and 74 grams of total carbs, you will want to skip this dish.

Instead, opt for the Sichuan Shrimp that will only cost you 360 calories.

Source: Good Housekeeping