5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Kitchen in Your Home

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5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Kitchen in Your Home

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a house. Families cook, bake, snack, and dine in their kitchens, but there is so much more, too. When families spend time cooking and baking together or utilize their kitchen table as a spot for kids to do schoolwork or for parents to work from home, the kitchen becomes a community space. A kitchen is a place where families can spend time together and enjoy each other's company over a snack, a meal, or by simply sitting at the table together and chatting. Whether your family already spends time in the kitchen or not, perhaps it could use some upkeep so everyone in the family can enjoy their time in it together. Here are five tips for creating a cozy kitchen in your home.

1. Consider a Remodel

Are you willing to invest in your kitchen? 58% of homeowners say they plan to spend money to improve their homes this year. Perhaps you've been wanting to remodel your kitchen for years but haven't gotten around to it. If you have a high or flexible budget, consider remodeling your kitchen. You will be able to design your kitchen the way you want, giving you room to make sure all of the details you've been wanting are included.

Consider the layout. Do you want more storage? Be sure your kitchen is remodeled so it has plenty of cabinet and cupboard space. Do you want a breakfast nook to add a homey feel to your kitchen? This feature can be built, styled, and painted any color you'd like. You can even include storage in the bench. Would you like a spaced-out kitchen to allow for more room while you're meal prepping or cooking? Contact professionals to make your wishes a reality. This can be the start of building the kitchen you've always wanted in your home.

2. Get Organized

Whether you've decided to remodel your kitchen or not, getting organized is an important step while creating your cozy kitchen. If your kitchen is cluttered, there's less of a chance you'll want to spend time in it. To offset cabinet space, consider adding a set of shelves on empty wall space to hold mugs. Invest in a bar cart to hold cutting boards, utensils, and other knickknacks that don't quite have a home in your kitchen.

If your kitchen is cluttered, also consider reorganizing the kitchenware in your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Rid of old or rusted pots and pans that you don't use anymore. Perhaps you can part with and donate some old kid-style cups or bowls your children have grown out of. Go through the drawers in your kitchen and throw out items you don't need anymore. You'd be surprised how many items get shoved into kitchen drawers without thought.

3. Invest in Some Cozy Decor

Once your kitchen is organized and de-cluttered, it's time to consider decorations. If you have a small kitchen, one large painting or a few small pieces of decor may tie the room together. You don't want too many decorations because it will cause the room to feel smaller than it is. If you don't have decorations, think about the theme or style of your kitchen. A home goods store or an online shop has plenty of cute paintings, kitchen-themed pieces, and quotes to choose from. Some new utensil holders to match your theme would be a nice touch, too.

Along with decorations for the walls, think about ways to decorate your kitchen counter and your kitchen table or breakfast nook. Perhaps a ceramic bowl to hold fruit that matches your wall decor would be a fun idea. Scented candles corresponding to the time of year is a great way to fill your kitchen with a calming smell while your family sits to eat dinner or plays cards at the kitchen table. Flowers are a great way to liven up the room, too. In a survey, 88% said receiving flowers as a gift changes their mood for the better. Perhaps adding a vase of flowers to your table and counter would be an inviting decoration in your kitchen.

4. Think About Lighting

Lighting is important, too. Have you thought about adding string lights behind the curtains in your kitchen? This will bring a soft glow to the room and make it feel cozier. Overhead lighting is important, too. If the quality of your lighting is subpar, consider investing in a new light fixture. A fixture with adjustable brightness is a great feature to have, too, especially when it comes to hanging out at the kitchen table at night.

5. Maintain a Consistent Color Scheme

The colors in your kitchen certainly pull the entire look of the room together. Your wall and kitchen decor should depend on the colors of the walls. If you have a brighter or deeper hue, opt for neutral and minimal decorations and curtains. If you have a neutral wall color, consider decorations and curtains that will add pops of color to your kitchen, but keep them in the same color scheme so the room looks cohesive.

Around 79% of Millennials are drawn to personal real estate investments, while 49% are drawn to commercial. With this in mind, consider the real estate market and how well your house will sell in the future. Remodeling or re-doing your kitchen can increase your home's value and draw in prospective buyers down the road. Cozying up your kitchen will not only help you later on, but it will also draw your family to the room even more now. You may find yourself wanting to try out new recipes, and perhaps your family will enjoy dining together even more in a cozy, homey, comfortable kitchen. Make your kitchen yours today!

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