5 Tips For Staying Healthy As You Age

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5 Tips For Staying Healthy As You Age

People often want to age gracefully so they can live longer. There is a recipe, however, for living a healthy life as you age. Nutrition and exercise are the primary ingredients to the solution. Read on for tips on staying healthy as you age

Listen To Your Body

Women still outpace men when it comes to longevity, though the gap between life expectancies has lessened to only five years as of 2017. Perhaps, part of the reason such is true is because of the average woman's willingness to pay attention to the signs her body gives and take action immediately.

Some men still find it unnerving to visit a doctor's office annually. The notion behind such behavior is that the doctor is only needed for urgent care or emergency visits. A physician, however, is for more than when you are injured at home or while on the job.

Doctors can help you understand your body, so you are not taken by surprise by a diagnosis. You are better able to listen to your body when you understand the language it speaks through signals such as fatigue or dehydration, which could point to an illness in the beginning stages of development.

Eat Whole Foods

Listening to your body means little if you are not willing to take action. There are indeed times when a doctor's visit is the only action you can take as you need pharmaceutical prescriptions and other forms of treatment to correct the issue.

Eating whole foods regularly, however, is a great way to reduce the likelihood of you becoming dependent on the doctor for health and wellness. It is not necessary to become a vegan for healthy living. You should, however, consider eliminating processed foods and cutting down on fatty meats and butter. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are your friends when you want to age gracefully and in good health.

Focus On Your Skin

Many people are so focused on the heart and digestive system in their older age that they forget about their skin. Your skin tells others how well you care for yourself on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong with taking time for a special procedure, such as a chemical peel, now and again. In fact, many people have reported improvements in their skin after one chemical peel. Of course, you should consider undergoing multiple treatments over several months to receive the best results.


Strenuous physical activities may do more harm than good in old age if you have not developed an exercise routine in your younger years. Walking remains the best way to exercise your heart, which contributes to healthy living. A brisk 30-minute walk also helps you control your weight, which could ward off type 2 diabetes as well as other chronic diseases.

Some experts suggest seniors walk at least three times per week. Making it a point to go walking every day, however, is the best way to help build muscle, which can reduce the probability of significant injury.

Take Up Another Active Hobby

Walking is a great way to maintain good health. It is not difficult to become bored with the practice rather quickly, though, when it is the only thing you do for fun. Taking up another activity, such as boating, helps you further embrace the outdoors and keeps you excited about life. More than 87 million adults in the United States participate in recreational boating, so you could use this hobby as a way to spend time with friends as well as a way to be active. Finding a hobby that gets you outside and gets you moving is a great way to stay healthy.

Aging is a beautiful experience when you are in good health. Use these tips to get the most out of the upcoming years of your life.

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