5 Unique Backgrounds for Your Newborn's Photo Shoot

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5 Unique Backgrounds for Your Newborn's Photo Shoot

A newborn is a beautiful gift to any parent, and having a photo shoot is a great way to keep those early moments captured in time. If you're eager to get a photo shoot session for your bundle of joy, sample these five amazing ideas for backgrounds to get some exciting ideas of what you can do, either right at home or at a photo studio.

A Pirate Ship

Did you know that gold is priced in the Troy ounce, which is about 31.1 grams? The pirates surely understood the value of gold! Bring to life the ambiance of pirates from ages past by using a background of a pirate ship. A small, fun pirate's outfit and hat will create an amazing look for your little one. You will enjoy looking at these pictures in the future with your child, and the portraits will make for a great mantelpiece in your home.

A Candy Shop

At one point in time, everyone has a sweet tooth, which is why a candy shop is the perfect photo shoot background. Cute, bright colors will bring the candy shop theme to life, making it an unforgettable experience and the perfect go-to memory for your child if they grow up to have a sweet tooth, as most children do! Buy some popsicles, candy canes, and more signature candies that will leave no question as to what the theme is, and take it a step further by wrapping your lovely baby up as one giant treat!

Your Favorite Video Game

If you enjoy playing video games, you're in great company, with more than 200 million copies of Minecraft sold as of May 2020, it's clear that there are many people who enjoy video games. If you're one of them, set your child up for a fun conversation starter in the future by organizing a video game background for their photo shoot. Ensure the background, props, and your baby's outfit all fit the chosen video game's theme.

The Sky

This photo background creates infinite possibilities for you because your options are only limited by your imagination. Go pure by dressing your baby up as a lovely little angel, or get cheeky and dress them up as a superhero sleeping on the commute to work in the sky! Share ideas with your photographer to come up with something fun and unique. You could even use the actual sky rather than using props, as long as you can work with the lighting; in this case, a cloudy sky will be a bit better than a clear, bright sky.

A Farm

If your home is on a farm, you can borrow inspiration from your immediate background. However, keep in mind that, according to EPA guidelines, farm and residential storage tanks that contain less than 1,100 gallons of motor fuel for noncommercial use aren't subject to federal regulations. If your farm isn't up-to-date, consider hiring a photographer with a studio that can replicate the look of a farm and field!

Decorate the studio with bales of hay, some farming equipment, and even a prop horse and cattle. A projection of a fully immersive background can also work, and you will need to get fewer props if you do this. Make sure you dress your baby in a cowboy getup, including little cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a metal star.

To get the best outcome, shop around for a good photographer who has the best props for the background you choose. Also, negotiate a good price to get a deal you will be happy to share with your friends and family. With some preparation and a unique idea, your newborn's photo shoot will be absolutely adorable!

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