5 Ways the Internet has Made Life Easier for Students

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5 Ways the Internet has Made Life Easier for Students

Anyone who has grown up with the internet can only imagine what life was like before it, but as new possibilities continue to emerge, perhaps you can take a moment to count your blessings. As for the rest of us, we are still grateful for this incredible digital revolution because we can remember when life was not so simple. That is an anomaly: what is simplicity?

Simplicity is a process that can be followed without head scratching and furrowed brows. It’s when somebody says, “All you’ve got to do is this and that, and that’s it,” and you do this and that and sure enough, you get the result you’re after. So here we are in the digital age and you, the internet powered student, don’t realize how good you’ve got it. Here are five ways the internet has made life easier for students.

Study Made Easy

You’ve probably got a few of these funny old paper things wrapped in cardboard that people call books. They’re quite good, a bit hands-on, but you don’t even have to plug them in or charge them up, and you can read them on the beach when the sun is out. But what if there’s another side to what you’re studying that is not featured in the book? That means a trek to the library or even ordering one and waiting for it to be delivered, which can take more than the few nanoseconds you’re used to.

Shopping Made Easy

Whip out your fancy, smart guy smart phone and you can order the book, or you can just look up the information online. You may not even have to buy anything, just grab some info, and move on. But if you have to make a purchase from your smart phone, you can use your credit card, linked to your phone, to make the payment. If It’s a digital book, it’s yours in an instant. If it’s an old, tree-based dinosaur, you’ll have it in a couple of days, tedious but perhaps bearable.

Unlimited Research

The digital revolution has made it clear that the world is full of smart people, and there are those who have asked the same questions as you. Anything you want to know, someone has wanted to know before, and if they found the answer, they probably announced the fact online. So, bang in a couple of keywords and you’re laughing, even your close friends from down the road might have trodden this path before you, but you would never know without asking the internet.

Finance Made Easy

The student loan that has made your studies possible may be bothering you. As you get toward graduation time, you’re going to have to repay the thing, so that’s the end of the joyride, right? Wrong. Look up student loan refinancing and find out how you can restructure the loan, maybe with a different lender, and continue the line of credit into the future. That millstone could be a life raft in disguise. It’s called thinking outside the box.

Refueling in Flight

Let’s say you’re up to your eyes in college work and walking to the kitchen to make a coffee and a sandwich would disrupt the flow. Well, you don’t have to. You can order what you want online and have it delivered to your door in under an hour. You can even order different dishes from different restaurants and have the one person collect your orders and deliver them to you.

You might take this for granted now but older graduates will remember a time when ordering food online wasn’t an option. Preparing and eating food had to be scheduled into study time and most people had to factor in a lunch break in their study time as there was no-one there to drive around to the nearest restaurant and pick up a pizza. That’s going back to a time when pot noodles and baked beans were the staple student diet!

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