6 Reasons why Canada Legalized Marijuana

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6 Reasons why Canada Legalized Marijuana

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For a long time, people throughout Canada prayed, pleaded, and protested that the sale of marijuana would be legalized. On the 17th of October 2018, those prayers were answered as Canada finally legalized the sale of the substance.

Not only has it been legalized for medicinal purposes, but for recreational use too. Gone are the days that Canadians would have to purchase marijuana products from a drug dealer. Anybody over the age of 19 could walk into a marijuana dispensary and purchase weed from an authorized seller without having to worry about being caught by the police.

The night before these dispensaries legally sold cannabis, there were people queuing at the doors waiting for the first time in Canadian history to buy legal weed. The news had spread around the world and there were pictures in nearly every newspaper on the planet of Canadians purchasing marijuana.

1. The War on Drugs

Unlike most other countries in the world, Canada’s government realized that they had lost the war on drugs. Even many of those who didn’t use the substance was hoping it would be legalized.

Although Canada hasn’t won the war on drugs nor have they stopped fighting it, the government thought it would be a much better idea to profit from selling cannabis products than allowing drug dealers to make a lot of untaxed revenue. Reports claim that the government generated $186 million Canadian dollars in the first four months of legalization.

However, the war on drugs is still an uphill battle. Substances like Methamphetamine and Cocaine are still widely available around the country. It doesn't seem like these drugs will be legalized in the near future because they are much more powerful. Authorities don’t have to waste their time searching for people using marijuana and they can focus on more serious crimes.

2. To Reduce the Amount of Young People Buying Cannabis Illegally

Most teenagers will do the opposite of what their guardians or parents tell them to do. Although most parents tell their kids not to use cannabis, with the amount of pressure and feelings of curiosity, it's no wonder so many young people experiment. Recent studies showed that 28% of Canadian’s aged 15 years old admit to using marijuana at least once.

By legalizing cannabis, it might take a lot of the excitement away. Purchasing cannabis from drug dealers can give teenagers a much-needed thrill. Meeting a drug dealer in a dark alley can be extremely scary and dangerous in comparison to purchasing marijuana from a friendly budtender in a bright cannabis dispensary.

It is a completely different experience, especially when they come across an old lady purchasing marijuana to treat her Glaucoma. When Colorado legalized cannabis there was a huge drop in the number of young people using the substance.

3. Legal Weed Jobs

Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, plenty of new jobs have become available in the industry throughout the country. Today, they estimate 150,000 people work in the cannabis business in Canada alone. Here are a few of the jobs out there in the cannabis business:

  • Employees at the dispensary: Each marijuana dispensary has to employ staff members to run the business. Everything from cleaners to budtenders (a person who serves customers and advises them on the different products they have for sale).
  • Edibles Chef: A lot of folks don’t like smoking cannabis so instead they eat the substance. There is a wide range of edibles on the markets and there are lots of companies making these delicious treats.
  • Delivery driver:  A lot of dispensaries such as Canna Cabana now have a delivery service. Instead of going to the store yourself, you can order online or by making contact with the store. During the pandemic, this is a great way of ordering cannabis without having to leave the house. A delivery driver will drop your marijuana product directly at your door.

Legalizing cannabis has given people a lot of opportunities that didn’t exist in Canada prior to 2018.

4. More Tax Money

In the past, it was impossible to estimate the money spent on cannabis in Canada. The amount of cash spent on police and others in Canada’s war on cannabis was staggering. Nowadays, not only are there more jobs available there is also a lot of tax money available. This money has been used to improve schools, hospitals, roads, and some of Canada’s debt.

It is mind-blowing to think that one day after cannabis became legal in Canada, the government said they had generated so much tax revenue from the sale of legal marijuana that they were in a position to pay off the country’s total debt of $650 billion.

5. Medicinal Purposes

Over recent years there have been plenty of reports published about the many uses of cannabis. It seems like people from all different walks of life use cannabis to treat mental or physical issues. From old age pensioners suffering from arthritis to young bodybuilders suffering from joint pain.

The stereotypical stoner, a person who sits on the couch each day eating junk food watching comedy movies, is a thing of the past. A lot of people have seen the benefits in marijuana products since it has been legalized.

Before cannabis was legal, people who purchased cannabis, even to help treat an illness, were breaking the law. Some had to pay fines, while others faced time in prison. For those in pain, buying weed was often a terrifying experience, so many opted not to break the law and get on with their lives suffering.

With the legalization, these people are no longer viewed as criminals but as patients. A lot of these people don’t even get high as marijuana makes them feel normal again. It takes away the pain and allows them to get on with their day-to-day life. Some people suffering from chronic pain claim they couldn’t go on living their lives without marijuana.

6. Helps People Avoid Crime

A lot of Canadians sold cannabis on the black market to generate cash. Often, organized crimes would lure young people into their life of crime by helping them sell marijuana. For some people, especially young teenagers, making money and selling cannabis illegally would be their first step down a bad and dangerous path.

Gangs made a lot of cash from selling marijuana products, and now with legal dispensaries taking over the industry, these gangsters find it difficult to generate money and attract younger members into their gangs. After the first year of cannabis legalization, the number of folks purchasing marijuana legally tripled. This report suggested that although there are people still selling cannabis on the black market, most people opt to purchase weed legally.


If you are planning on visiting Canada and you want to buy pot in a cannabis store such as this legal dispensary Toronto, expect the employees to ask you for identification. If you come from outside of Canada remember that you have to be over 19 years old and you will have to provide the staff members with a current passport. If it is your first time purchasing cannabis from a dispensary, don’t be afraid to ask the staff for help. Most reputable cannabis dispensaries hire experienced staff members who will be more than happy to help you decide what cannabis products are best for you.

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