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6 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

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Generally, all pests are frowned upon, but cockroaches are probably the most hated of them all. Not only are these pesky crawlers unpleasant to look at, they contaminate foods, trigger allergies, and on the rare occasion, they can also carry diseases.

However, there's a big misconception that roaches only infest dirty environments. Sure, these resilient insects do thrive better in unclean areas, but even if you maintain a tidy home, roaches can easily find food and water.

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So what happens when you turn on the lights one day and see a roach scurrying to get underneath the fridge?

Of course, it is always a shock when your clean home suddenly becomes infested, but worry not, because there are ways you can get rid of roaches before you require professional help.

1. Eliminate their food sources

Food and shelter are two of the main things that roaches are after when they enter your home. So it's crucial that you ensure that even the smallest spills are cleaned immediately, leftovers are covered and stored, and food items in your cupboards are properly sealed.

Check behind the stove and refrigerator for food residues that may lurking there. Also, make sure your garbage and recycling bins are covered, cleaned and taken out regularly.

2. Create some baits

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They may be tiny and fast, but you can certainly outsmart them. Since spraying pesticides in your home can contaminate surfaces like the counter tops and lead to helath complications, gel bait is one safer and easier way to handle your roach problem.

The active ingredients in baits like this Advion Roach Bait Gel contain attractants that draw the roaches out of their hiding places and effectively kill them.

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