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6 Ways To Clear Away Bad Energy Once And For All

A lot of us are either done our spring cleaning, or in the thick of it, but there's probably a mess that you're neglecting. All that negative energy. What better time to clean out all that negativity that's been cooped up over the winter than the spring time.

It's not going to be as easy as beating a rug or two though. You'll need to know what you're doing if you're going to get the bad out and let the good in. Don't worry, we're here to help.

While there are a lot of ways to go about cleansing body and mind, my favorite way to spruce up a room is with an air diffuser. Not only does it smell great, the essential oils have many specific uses to help our spirit.

Here are some of the best ones to clean out bad mojo.



Long known to purify body and home, Frakincense is great to release negative energy. It's also a key component in removing spirits as well. It has an earthy and vaguely spicy smell, so it's best not to use too much when you're diffusing in a smaller room.


Continuing with the Biblical bad vibe busters, Myrrh works very well in conjunction with other essential oils. It's been known to help purify negative energy in environments that have seen change. If something has happened that changed things for the worse, use Myrrh in combination with some of the other oils on this list to help make the most of your new situation.


Moving Towards Peace

Sage is a very common purifier of negative energy. Used often by the Native Americans, Sage is believed to negate negative energy and form a psychic shield against tensions. Use this before a potentially confrontations conversation or meeting.

Meditation is also a great way to clean out negative energy, because chances are the biggest polluter in your home is you. If you've been feeling out of sorts lately, take a look at some of these fixes to chakra alignment.

After that's done you can focus on your surroundings, here are more great oils to try.


I've heard Rose Oil called the "Queen of oils" probably because it has an enticing smell and is used for almost every purpose. It's usually a little more expensive, but if you've managed to find some you should give this a try.


Lavender is one of the most popular scents around, being used in soaps, lotions and sprays. Those won't help you cleanse energies though. Lavender oil has long been used to neutralize energies during cleansing rituals. Today it can be used on its own to promote relaxation, meditation and healing.

The Health Cure



I will confess that I often use the oil of Cedarwood only for the smell. It's my favorite and always helps me feel at home. Beyond that, Cedarwood helps strengthen your spirit, giving you the power to fight back the negative energies and forces in your life. I highly recommend taking some time in a room with diffused Cedarwood oil and focus on what you have to do - it will help you get through anything.

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