7 Facts About "What Not To Wear" That Definitely Make The Best-Dressed List

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Watching What Not To Wear is where I got most of my fashion advice growing up, whether that was a good thing is still to be determined. Clinton Kelly and Stacey London would ambush people who needed a fashion makeover and totally turn their lives around...or at least their wardrobe.

But while we saw what happened on screen, there are many things behind the scenes we never knew!

1. Clinton and Stacey Aren't Around That Often

“What you saw on camera was pretty much my entire interaction with [Stacy and Clinton]. There was very little off-camera interaction. It wasn’t like they were avoiding me, they just wanted them to give genuine, fresh reactions to how I looked,” said one participant, Casey. She, along with many other 'contestants', have claimed it's mainly stylists and personal shoppers who go along with them to pick out outfits.

2. It's Not Off The Rack

Ever wonder how these people can walk right into a boutique store and there is magically every piece of clothing they want in their size? Well, they actually don't. The contestants DO go shopping and find what they want, but the outfits are tailored to fit them perfectly. That way when filming takes place, no time is wasted.  

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