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7 Fast And Effective Ways To Relieve Migraine Pain

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If you've suffered from migraine pain, you know exactly how unbearable it can be. Your friends may think it's "just a headache," but the awful, grinding pain is way worse. Anyone who's experienced it will want to avoid that awful feeling for the rest of their life, but that's easier said than done.

We all know to take medication like Aspirin or Tylenol, and to turn off the lights when we feel a migraine beginning, but often these don't have any real effect on your pain level.

If you need relief, these 7 solutions have been proven to ease migraine pain, so try them as soon as you feel one starting!

Remember: Migraines can be a sign of more serious conditions, so check with your doctor if you have severe and prolonged migraines.

1. Keep track of your migraines

While finding relief is important, learning what causes your migraines matters too. New research even suggests learning how to cope with "migraine triggers" can be more important than easing the pain. Take note in a "migraine journal" what you're doing when the pain starts.

2. Change your diet

Eating healthier can relieve chronic headaches and migraines, but even small changes can have a big effect. Foods like aged cheese and alcohol have been linked to migraines, so cut them out of your diet along with any food that seem to cause your head pain.

3. Drink tea or coffee

In the early stage of a migraine, caffeine drinks have been shown to relieve pain and help your medicine work better. Just drink in moderation, because too much caffeine can make the pain worse!

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