7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mom or Grandma

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7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mom or Grandma

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Shopping for those special women in your life can be a challenging task, especially if you have a history of terrible gift-giving experiences. Whether you are shopping for gifts for grandma or looking for special presents for your mom, there are a handful of gifts that you should definitely stay away from – and we’ve listed them below.

1. Underwear

Probably the only time when it’s appropriate to gift someone underwear is when you are shopping for your kids. If you really want to gift your mom or grandma something to wear, stick with the classics and opt for jewelry instead. A beautiful and elegant pearl bracelet or a dainty gold necklace would make for great gifts for any woman, particularly for someone as special as your mom or nana.

2. Cleaning Supplies

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Your mom and grandma probably like to keep a clean and tidy house at all times, but this doesn’t make gifting them cleaning supplies appropriate. Your mom deserves a relaxing break and doesn’t need to be reminded of how much work she has to do in the house. Instead, opt for gifts that are only for herself, not for the house.

3. A Photo of You Without Your Siblings

If you are going to print out and frame a picture to gift your mom or grandma, make sure it’s one of the entire family. Gifting them a photo of only yourself would not only be weird but it would be unfair to your siblings. Besides, it screams “I am the favorite child”, and your mom would probably feel uncomfortable hanging it on her living room wall.  

4. Money

It’s perfectly ok to give your mom or grandma money if they need it, just not as a gift. Unless we are talking about a cheque for 100k, it’s just laziness to gift someone cash as a gift, especially if we are talking about your mom or nana. Plus, it’s simply not appropriate and it shows that you couldn’t be bothered to buy an actual gift.

5. Weight Loss Supplements

You may have the best of intentions at heart, but this gift would probably be offensive to anyone, not only your mom or grandma. If you are concerned about their health, opt for a good fitness tracker instead, to help them stay on top of their daily activity.

6. A Partial Gift

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If you are going to gift your grandma or mom a city break in Italy or a beach vacation in Spain, make sure you include a plane ticket also. Just booking the hotel and making her do half the work finding plane tickets is not really a good gift. Go the extra mile and plan the whole trip for her (and a plus one), include an itinerary and maybe a few good restaurant suggestions as well.

7. Useless Stuff

Most people prefer gifts which are practical in favor of things which don’t serve any purpose. If they are like most moms and grandmas, the beloved women in your life probably feel the same way. A “Best Mom/ Grandma in the world” trophy only works if you are 10 years old, but as a full-grown adult, this type of gift is just a no-no.

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