7 Interesting Facts about Education in Australia

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7 Interesting Facts about Education in Australia

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When people think of Australia, they see Koalas, Kangaroos, and beautiful beaches. But Australia has more to offer than what meets the eyes.

Australia is one of the most famous study destinations for international students. However, facts about Australia's education is known to a few international students.  

If you’re planning to study in Australia, here are some interesting, fun facts about Australian education you need to know.

Australia is the third most popular study destination

When listing the interesting facts about Australia, we can't miss mentioning that it's the third most famous study destination for most international students, after the US and UK. Tutors that offer a “write my paper” service tell us that the majority of the students they assist with exam preparation are planning to study in Australia.

According to a report by the Times Higher Education, Australia will soon overtake the UK to be the second most famous destination.

This is because it's planning to increase the number of international student’s enrollment every year.

Besides, the Australian government provides international students with an AUD 200 million scholarship every year. Australian residents can always check their government-funded course eligibility.

Now you can see why most of the international students prefer to study in Australia rather than in other countries.

Australia has The Best Academic Environment

Australia host over 20 international universities with a global reputation and attract over 35,000 international students to study and live there.

Most of these institutions encourage students to study indecently and be responsible for completing their essays and research paper within the deadlines. But, tutors often help the student adapt. However, you can seek help from a reliable need write my essay service in Australia website. It’s better not to delay when you need help with writing your research papers and essay.

Usually, the students and the academics maintain a more respectful and casual attitude on a first name basis.  Besides, the student is encouraged to challenge tutors and lecturers during class sessions, which is often reflected in your final grade.

English Is not The Only Language Spoken in Australia

About 25% of Australian residents are not Australian born.  While studying in Australia, you will notice cultural differences here and there.

Did you even know that English is not the official language in Australia?

Even though it's widespread and often spoken in the continent, it’s not Australia's official language-they have no official language.

Australian English is the most prevalent language, and it's used to conduct all government and legal affairs. But there are also over 200 types of dialects and language spoken in different areas of the country.

The most common non-English spoken languages are Greek, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

So, if you can speak one of these languages fluently, then you will fill right at home when you get to Australia.

7 of Australian Universities Are Among the top 100 Word Universities

7 Australian universities rank in the top 100 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.  These universities include:

·       University of Queensland

·       Monash University

·       University of Melbourne

·       University of New South Wales

·       The Australia National University

·       University of Western Australia

·       University of Sydney

All these universities are known for their impressive academic performance and are a perfect destination for international students all over the World.

Australia is the Best Place to Live

Australia offers international students a safe environment to live in with a top-quality life. It’s a beautiful nation that has attracted students from over 180 nations from all over the globe. Their culture is fascinating, and its people offer the best hospitality ever.

Australia also reinforces education and continuously works towards better student experience by understanding and aligning their policies to meet the needs and expectations of students.

Diversity in Education

Australia education institution offers you a wide variety of degrees and diplomas programs, so you can easily find the right school and field that’s right for you.

The first thing you must do when selecting an international degree program is selecting a school that meets your need and interests.

You can choose between vocational education, English language training, and universities. It’s quite easy for international students to move from one qualification level to another in different institutions.

Cost of Living

Australia's living standards are perhaps among the highest in the World.  When compared to the UK and the US, their living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower.

Australia allows international students to work part-time, so they can offset their living costs. Also, they offer students scholarships that help in lowering the cost of education.

In this post, we’ve tried our best to cover the most important fun facts about education in Australia you need to know.

We could have covered another 350 things you didn’t know about Australia, but its more interesting if you discover them on your own.

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