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7 Natural Cures That Are In Your Kitchen Right Now

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No matter how healthy your diet and how much exercise you get, everyone gets sick from time to time.

It can be disappointing when your doctor tells you to try the same medicines that have been sitting in your bathroom cabinet for years, knowing that you'll still feel awful for days. Luckily, there's always a natural remedy you can try.

These foods - which you probably already have in your fridge and pantry - have been proven to help cure medical conditions as well or better than regular medicine. Learn what you've been missing all these years before you get sick again!

1. Use garlic on a sore throat

It's good for more than keeping vampires away. Garlic can actually fix another pain in your neck: a sore throat. If you press garlic and mix it with warm water then drink it, the garlic will kill the bacteria in your throat that's causing the discomfort.

2. Prunes for constipation

You may already know this about prunes, but if you're only drinking prune juice you're not getting the full effect. Prunes are natural laxatives and so is their juice, but the fruit itself is full of tough fibers that don't break down in your stomach acid. Eat one a day and it will push everything through and keep you feeling regular.

3. Foods with calcium for PMS

Along with changes in their brain's chemistry, women suffering from PMS experience lowered levels of calcium in their blood. So if you're feeling upset you can reach for the ice cream or broccoli, both of which are full of calcium.

4. Take dark chocolate for a cough

One of chocolate's ingredients is theobromine, which has actually been shown to cure a cough more effectively than some real medicines. So next time you reach for the cough syrup break yourself a Kit Kat instead.

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