8 Old Wives' Tales So Wrong They're Damaging Your Health

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There are a lot of wive's tales and urban legends about health and overall well-being. Some of them are pretty harmless, like sleeping with a bar of soap under your sheets to prevent restless leg syndrome. However, others have caused serious problems in the past and need to stop.

1. HIV/AIDS Conspiracy

There was a myth about HIV/AIDS that actually caused it to spread further. It was believed that the disease was created by the government as a biological weapon to be used against their enemies. This conspiracy claimed that the first cases of AIDS were found in gay men who lived in Manhattan before the first reported cases in Africa. People who believe this theory are more reluctant to visit a doctor if they're showing symptoms, as they distrust the government and don't believe they would help.

2. Seat Belts Not Being Safe

There's a ludicrous rumor that safety belts are more dangers than they are safe, with people claiming some police officers told them it's hard to unbuckle yourself from a potentially dangerous situation after a crash. This, of course, is ridiculous. Snopes has disproved this theory, but there are still a lot of people who refuse to wear a seat belt because "they cause more injuries than they prevent.

3. Chicken Pox Parties

It wasn't that long ago that people would hear someone in the neighborhood had chicken pox, and would subsequently organize a party at that person's house. The belief was that if a child had chicken pox at a young age, it was impossible for them to get shingles as an adult. It was determined that this was a lie, and that it was far more effective to just have your kids vaccinated against shingles. That being said, these parties still take place today.

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