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7 Most Romantic Moments From Disney To Make You Believe In Love Again

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Oh My Disney / Street Spoken

While the company has moved away from exclusively relationship-based story lines, we can't deny that most of our fairy-tale dreams of romance come straight from the script of our favorite Disney movies!

There's something about how the main characters seem fated to be together that we believed we could find destiny within our own lives, too. And when they seemed to fall apart, we cried at the TV until Disney magic swooped in and gave us back the true love story we knew would always find a way through.

Here are the moments that made us tear-up and laugh with delight when we saw them happen, again, and again...and again!

Lady And The Tramp: Bella Notte

Probably the most iconic scene of a forbidden love in our generation. This movie made us believe that if two dogs from vastly different lifestyles could come together and enjoy the simple things in life, maybe we could all find that special someone to slide the last meatball over for.

The Lion King: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

After losing their childhood BFF, when Simba and Nala found each other (Thanks for taking one for the team, Timon and Pumbaa) we were all anxious to see if it would like old times again. At first, it was, and maybe seeing them jump around and play made their relationship all the more special because they always had that young love.

But when they start splashing about in the waterfall, and chasing each other through the fields and forest, finally catching each other again at the's beautiful!

Aladdin: A Whole New World

In another romance built from two worlds apart, we found ourselves understanding why Aladdin felt he needed to prove that he was so much more than a common boy, but knew that in the end, he just had to be himself in order to truly have the love of his princess.

This is never the more true than when he stops trying to flash his gold and belongings and just decides to have fun with Jasmine. In order for love to be found in this universe, it must be naturally found between two curious hearts!

Hercules: A Star Is Born

I actually think that this was one of my favorite movies from the Disney canon, it was the way that everything could have gone so right for the young demi-god, but it unless he made a life for himself, his accomplishments meant nothing.

That's why it wasn't the scores of villains that he defeated, or the fame he received, or even the way he selflessly threw himself into the pits of Tartarus to save her, no. Meg and Hercules found their true love for one another when he gave up everything he thought the wanted in life in order to be mortal with her.

"But a life without Meg, even an immortal life, would be... empty." YES HERC!

The tears are already streaming down our faces, but we can't stop now. Let's keep going!

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