7 Things That a Better Poop Will Do to Your Body

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7 Things That a Better Poop Will Do to Your Body

No beauty serums or everlasting-protein elixirs (like those things exist… well, maybe?) can shape or boost our health. But a good poop can.

Imagine the importance of poop to your overall health. Most foods that we eat today are loaded with additives, preservatives, and other chemicals. Most of us are – if not lazy couch potatoes – active or at peace with our brain-gut life. So when we lose our normal bowel habits, we experience a little treat called constipation. Diarrhea too. The worst would be… hemorrhoids… Anyway, the list goes on and on.

Good thing is that increasing your pooping-cheerleading performance is easy: a daily dose of fiber, a little bit of squatting, a fresh plate of veggies... Or you can dive right into delicious soluble fiber supplements (like ColonBroom!). Clearly, we’re all in need of quick relief for an effortless visit to the throne.

So what are the 7 magical health benefits you can get by using ColonBroom?

1. No Constipation

There’s no better feeling than having a regular emptying. Being constipated affects not only our gut health but emotional well-being. Have you seen a happy guy who hasn’t dropped the load in 7 days? Me neither.

By incorporating a supplement fiber into your menu, you start absorption/bulking processes that fix your stool and get those bowels movin’ in no time!

2. No bloating, Only a Flat Belly

It’s no fun getting remarks about your fake pregnancy or “congratulations, it’s a kebab” shoutouts. Bloating sucks, and it can be caused by many triggers – from food to sleep regime, from lack of dehydration to physical activity levels. And some just have that life-buoy gene…

When it comes to regularity, the wonders you’ll feel with a flat belly are worth it! Say goodbye to bloating, forget passing gas ninja-style, and enjoy a smooth gut feeling.

3. Easy Weight Management

If you empty your waste at least once a day, you already deserve a round of applause. Some people pray to experience this morning cleansing ritual!

Regularity is key, and by being regular, you can actually manage your weight. Most of it forms with excess bloat (caused by processed foods, indigestion, etc.), constipation, dry stool, or excess water that your gut can’t simply absorb.

4. Detox Gut Cleanse

The word “detox” already gives us shivers from its inner power. Clean, rejuvenated, fresh, ready-to-start-brand-new, not polluted…

Eliminate toxins and improve mental outlook and the immune system. Weirdly enough, our gut is deeply connected to our overall health and brain function, so keeping that flow smooth, steady, and clean will give you a good run! (pun intended)

5. Glowy, Healthy-Looking Skin

Oh, the amount of time we spend on facial rollers to distinguish those dark circles and puffiness... Well, youthful-looking skin and better poop are connected.

So, the saying “you are what you eat” complies with the fact that what the gut can’t eliminate, it pushes through our skin pores.

Easing up digestion issues will give you that radiant skin you’ve been craving for in no time!

6. Enhanced Energy and Sleep Quality

Good looks don’t always mean the outer facade, do you agree? You instantly know when a person is having a rough time or has some difficulty concentrating on certain tasks. Maybe they’re sleep-deprived?

But just when you start pooping regularly, the whole shituation turns 180. Get ready to enjoy your sleeping beauty’s rest and feel fresh, elevated, and with tripled energy levels. Goodbye, brain fog!

Good poop = good look and overall health. Drink ColonBroom, eat fiber-rich foods, and love the results. Become a gut guru with a little help of fiber and look gorgeous and healthy inside and out. Your colon will thank you for it.

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