7 Times Tim Tebow Wasn't Afraid To Show His Faith

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Love him or hate him, baseball player and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has a knack for making headlines.

Tebow made time to talk with a fan at a recent baseball game.NY Daily News

This time it was his candid and heartwarming interaction with an autistic fan that attracted attention, but if you've followed Tim Tebow's career you'll know that his strong faith has always drawn publicity.

For better or worse, Tebow refuses to downplay his strong Christian beliefs, and these examples prove that no matter what he does they manage to take center stage:

1. His TV show

These days lots of celebrities are involved in home renovation shows and reality competitions, but Tebow's show on Fox is a little different. Co-hosted by Mike Holmes, Home Free challenged contestants to each renovate a rundown house.

The surprise twist was that when a contestant was eliminated, they learned they were building the homes for themselves. The show wasn't a competition at all, just a chance to reward deserving families, which fits with Tebow's drive to put other, more deserving people before himself.

2. Wearing his faith on the field

As a quarterback in college, Tebow earned a reputation for wearing Bible verses on the grease strips under his eyes. There's no denying they attracted a lot of attention - there were 90 million Google searches for "John 3:16" after he wore the verse in a championship game.

The NCAA cracked down on the idea shortly after, banning writing on eye blacks in a rule that's now known as the "Tebow Rule."

3. Praying over a sick man

Tebow was in the right place at the right time when a fellow passenger on a Delta Flight had a heart attack. The quarterback prayed over the man and comforted his family until the flight landed, but didn't stop there.

Tebow helped the family collect their luggage, and even visited the man in the hospital afterwards. As another passenger on the flight explained, "I watched Tim pray with the entire section of the plane for this man. He made a stand for God in a difficult situation."

Find out how Tebow's faith came between him and an ex-girlfriend on the next page!

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