73-Year-Old Man's Dunkin' Donut Habit Saved His Life

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73-Year-Old Man's Dunkin' Donut Habit Saved His Life

When Gary Phillips started visiting his local Dunkin' Donuts a few years ago, he would have never predicted that one day his daily habit could save his life.

The 73-year-old man stopped by the donut and coffee shop everyday for a Coolatta with five extra pumps of vanilla, an order every employee memorized.

He quickly took to the staff and often shared some details of his life with them including his birthday, for which they surprised him with a cake two days early.  "We all love him to death. He is just a sweet old guy," said one of the employees.

So when the senior didn't show up for his daily visits one week in March, it didn't take long for employees Megan Schriner, 18, and Danielle Hastings, 27 to became concerned. "We knew something was wrong," Schriner told Salem News. "We kept telling him, "˜Remember you've got to be here Thursday for your birthday."

Salem News

Although Hastings was off from work that day, she planned on attending Phillips' birthday celebration. When she heard news that the old man didn't show up, she stopped by his house. She peeked through the window and saw the old man lying on the floor of his mobile home.

Hastings then called 911 and texted her co-worker Schriner, who was given permission to leave work immediately.

Phillips was taken to the Salem Regional Medical Center where he remained for a few days before being moved to a rehabilitation facility. Both Hastings and Schriner visited the senior in hospital multiple times and they're ecstatic he is doing well.

"I would do that again in a heartbeat for anybody, for any of my customers," Schriner said. "I'm just glad. Everyone here cares about him."

Not only are these ladies great examples of exceptional customer service but they're also amazing humans who may have saved a life by simply caring.

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