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8 Holiday Traditions You Can Start On Your Baby's First Christmas

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There are certain milestones that happen when you are a parent that you work hard to make sure are special. Your baby's first Christmas is one of them. It is likely more important for you than it is for them, but as they grow older they will begin to appreciate the effort that you put in to making the Christmas season special for them.

There are any number of traditions that you can start off that first special year that you can continue annually, but I believe that these 8 are both simple, and meaningful at the same time.

1. The gift that comes out each and every year.

Kids are bound to get a wack-load of toys from every other person in their lives, and realistically, during their first Christmas they aren't really going to care all that much. Why not buy them something that can come back out every year with a special meaning attached to it. This is one where it truly is the thought that counts.

2. Christmas Eve pajamas.

We have all had this happen. We get to open one present on Christmas Eve, and it is always pajamas to wear to bed that night. It is a great tradition that brings the family together, and it sets up Christmas morning pictures perfectly. Your kids will grow to appreciate it.

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3. Pictures on Santa's lap.

As parents we know that this can be a hit or miss situation. Sometimes your kids will enjoy sitting on the lap of the jolly fat man dressed in red. Other times they will lose their bloody minds, creating Kodak moments of terror and sadness. In reality, this tradition is for you as parents. And if nothing else, it gives you great ammo to show your kids friends when they get older.

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4. Read those classic tales together.

Remember that book you gave them for their first Christmas? This is why you did it. Bust it out every year during the Christmas season in order to bring the family together.


It is all about being in the Christmas spirit.

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