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8 Crazy Hotels That Make Staying There More Of An Adventure Than A Vacation

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When you head out on vacation, where you stay can play a big role in how much you enjoy your trip. You can go with the standard hotel and flight package down south, where all of your food and drink is included (which is never a bad thing), but sometimes the "normal" just isn't what you are looking for.

Here are 8 hotel options that will be worth the trip, and will give you bragging rights for who had the best vacation among your friends.

1. Attrap' Reves - France

This hotel in the French countryside is comprised of six "bubble" units. These transparent domes give you a beautiful view of the night sky, and allow you feel as if you are camping out under the stars. What they lack in privacy, they make up for in pure beauty.

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2. Les Cols Pavellons - Spain

Have you ever wanted to stay for a night in a building made completely of crystal? Well, now you can. The Les Cols Pavellons in Spain allows you to vacation in a dream world, where the floors are made of glass, and the walls are made completely of translucent crystal. The hotel's unique design even won the architect an award.

Turisme Garrotxa

3. Crane Hotel Faralda - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as a vacation destination because of its culture, food, drink, and of course the fact that marijuana use is completely legal. If you are looking for an interesting stay in the city, you can always book a room in the Crane Hotel Faralda, a hotel built into an actual construction crane. With rooms 164 feet above the ground, what better way to enjoy your "high" than from high up. You can even bungee jump from the end of the arm while you are there.

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4. Free Spirit Spheres - Vancouver, Canada

The western coast of Canada is known for its mild temperatures, great food, and of course beautiful forests. If you are looking to get back to nature you can stay at the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island. These spherical rooms are suspended above the ground, and offer you a place of quiet contemplation and relaxation. The climate also allows for the hotel to stay open all year round.
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