8 Plastics Habits You Can Stop Immediately

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8 Plastics Habits You Can Stop Immediately

Using plastic in our every day lives is killing the environment.

It may be convenient to use disposable cutlery or buy cases of bottled water, but with every plastic product we use, it's like punching our Earth in the stomach.

Plastic doesn't breakdown...like, ever. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists on the planet.

Not only does plastic harm the environment, it also can be harmful to ourselves. The health effects of the chemicals found in plastic can cause liver damage, cancer, developmental delays, and so much more.

Luckily, there are alternatives for most, if not all, of the daily plastics we use. So why not better the Earth and your own health?

1. Use reusable cutlery.

Yes, I know. Plastic cutlery can be convenient at work or school. If you lose it, not a huge deal. You don't have to carry around silverware which is awkward. But a quick solution is carrying a resuable spork (spoon and fork) or splade (spoon, fork, blade.) They're cheap and easy to clean, and this way you're always prepared.

2. Stop using straws

Plastic straws make up for 90% of the debris found on beaches. An easy fix is to just sip your drink instead. But again, if you REALLY need to use one, buy reusable ones. They're colorful, fun, and better for the environment.

3. Skip the bottled water

1500 plastic water bottles are consumed every SECOND. That's outrageous. Yes, convenient to grab and go, but plastic water bottles are awful for the environment. Invest in a reusable water bottle. You'll probably end up drinking more water that way, anyway.

4. Bring your own coffee cup

No, you don't have to make your own coffee. But bring your own mug to your local coffee shop for a refill! Coffee cups have plastic lining and lasts forever. Plus, a lot of places give you a discount if you provide a reusable cup!

5. Get some reusable grocery bags

Honestly this is just a good idea in general. Why spend 5 cents per bag when you can spend $2 on bags that are bigger, sturdier, and last longer?

That's 5 ways that you can help save the environment (and your health!)

What are your tips on saving on plastic?

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