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8 Small Habits That Are Telling People Everything They Need To Know About You

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Your personality is complicated and unique, but there are a few things that you do that are giving away a lot more than you would have thought. There are simple little split-second choices you make every single day that are a dead give-away to what you are like as a person.  

Everything from how you drink your coffee to what your handwriting looks like can tell someone a lot about what you are really like. What kinds of messages have you been putting out into the world?  

1. Handwriting

It's not what you write that matters, it's how you write it. There are a few different tricks that people can use to judge your personality.

A lot of pressure: means you are stubborn and confident

Large letters: you are a people person

Small letters: you are likely very introverted

Letters that slant to the right: usually means that you are friendly and sentimental

Letters with no slant: you are practical and pragmatic

Letters that slant to the left: mean that you are introspective


2. How often you check your phone

Where you keep your phone and how often you check it can detemine how emotionally stable you are. You might not think much about refreshing your Facebook feed every few minutes, or looking through Instagram, but apparently those who are doing it too often are less emotionally stable than those who aren't on their phones a lot.


3. Eye contact

Your ability to make extended eye contact can show others how confident you are and whether or not you are socially dominant. Those who are capable of having prolonged eye contact also show that they have higher self control and stronger wills.

4. Handshake

Especially when going in for a job interview, your handshake can tell the potential employer a lot. Weak handshakes indicate that a person is lacking in confidence and will often look for the easy way out of a situation. Firm handshakes are typical of extroverts and those who are not shy.

Those may have been pretty common, but there are some other things you have been doing that says even more about your personality...

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