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8 Small Habits That Are Telling People Everything They Need To Know About You

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5. Punctuality

If you are someone who is chronically late, you are probably a laid-back type person. Someone who shows up early is more self-motivated and mentally organized and values their time.

6. Treatment of staff

The way you treat those around you is important. The best indicator is not looking at how you talk to those who you are trying to impress, but the staff of the location. Say you are doing an interview in a restaurant, the employer is going to look at how you talk to the waiter to see what kind of person you are.

7. Nail biting

If you visibly bite your nails or pull at your hair this suggests you are a perfectionist and are stressed.

8. Where you look while drinking

This one might be the most interesting that you could actually test out on people you know. Someone who looks into the cup they are drinking from are more likely to be introspective, idealistic and focused. A person who peaks over the edge of their cup can be influenced by others easily, are more extroverted and will trust others easier. If a person closes their eyes, they are probably in some kind of pain or discomfort and are looking for a temporary distraction.

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See if these things are true of the people around you!

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