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8 Things You Should Never Order from Cracker Barrel

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Cracker Barrel knows how to satisfy a craving for comfort food.

While chowing down on some mac and cheese may not be the best thing for your diet, enjoying a home-style country-cooked meal can leave you feeling satisfied.  

There are handful of gems on the Cracker Barrel menu that won't leave you feeling ashamed to tell your trainer about, but you're more than likely to run into dishes that are calorie-packed and sodium-heavy.

These are the dishes to avoid when skimming over the menu at Cracker Barrel.

Baked Apple Dumplin'

While every dessert on the Cracker Barrel menu packs a crazy amount of sugar, this one seriously takes the cake for the most concerning.

These delectable desserts come covered in pecan streusel, vanilla ice cream and apple sauce. The sugar count on this treat is a 118 miligrams- a whopping 5 times the average amount a woman should have in a day!

The calorie count will make you shutter too, at 1,720 per portion.

The Cracker Barrel's Country Boy Breakfast

This signature dish is one of the heartiest meals you will find at the restaurant, and it's also one of the worst for your health. Even the dish description starts with "Just loosen your belt..." so we know what we're in for.

The platter comes with 3 eggs, fried apples, a hash-brown casserole, your choice of meat, gravy buttermilk biscuits, butter and jam.

If you consume your entire plate, you will be eating a total of 1,615 calories, 74 grams of fat and 140 grams of carbs.

Fried Chicken Salad

Not all salads fall within your Weight Watchers meal plan, and this one certainly doesn't. With a base of healthy lettuce, this salad is topped with fried chicken that brings the calorie count to 790 and 62 grams of carbs. You can substitute for the grilled chicken for a slightly healthier choice, but watch your dressing choice. While the Honey French dressing may be delicious, it will add another 25 grams of sugar, 580 milligrams of sodium, 27 grams of fat and 350 calories to your meal.

Grilled Reuben

Looking at this meat sandwich, you may wonder, it's not deep fried, or a crazy amount of food, how bad can it be? Well at 900 calories, and 67 grams of fat, the sandwich alone would be enough for your swear of carbs for the rest of the week. The meal also comes with the side of your choosing which could add up to as many as 470 additional calories, plus your side of slaw, you're best to move on to a different dish.

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