8 Ways You Can Tell If Your Coffee Habit Is More Like An Addition

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Coffee is no longer an extra boost of energy, it is a necessary component in getting through the day. If you are a serious coffee drinker you can probably relate to any of these experiences on a daily basis. It's not a drink, it's a lifestyle.

1. Decaf coffee isn't coffee.

I'm not saying I judge you if you enjoy a decaf coffee, but I would never do it. We drink coffee to feel alive, and decaf just doesn't do that, if you want a nice warm drink, have a tea.

2. It's the only good thing about mornings.

There's something about the pain of waking up and knowing that it won't hurt as much when you have a cup of coffee, that makes it a little more bearable. The only problem is that you need coffee to wake up, but you need to wake up to get coffee.. An ongoing issue I am constantly trying to fix, with no luck.

3. A perfect cup means a perfect day.

A perfect cup of coffee is rarely ever achieved, that doesn't mean they're usually horrible, but it's so hard to get that perfect cup. When you do get that perfect cup, you just know you're going to have an awesome day because of it. I hate that my mood relies on a good cup of coffee, but it does.

4. You have withdrawals.

I remember when I first started drinking, it was in college and I drank a cup about once a month. Fast forward to 20 years later and I need at least three cups in the morning to survive. I never think of it as an addiction but I have serious withdrawals if I don't get my morning coffee.

There's always that point in the day where you get a headache and aren't sure if it's because you've had too much coffee, or not enough.

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