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8-Year-Old Uses YouTube To Spread Joy To Children Who Are Too Sick For Visitors

An eight-year-old girl got creative when she found out that she wasn't allowed to visit children in a certain area of the hospital, because they were too sick to have guests.

While training to become a Junior Ambassador at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, Shira Josephson learned about children battling serious illnesses.

After discovering that there were children too sick for visitors she asked her mom if she could read to the kids by filming herself.

The youngster thought that watching her videos over YouTube might bring them some bring them some companionship while they struggle with their health.

A few weeks later, Shira's Story Corner was starting to make a difference.

Ever since she was a little girl, she enjoyed reading.

"We would read to her every night before she went to bed. That's all she's ever known," her mother says. "Once she was able to read, she just took to it. She's in a couple of book clubs where they once a month send her books. She'll go through those, and then ask for more books to read right after!"

Every week since May, Shira has filmed videos on her YouTube channel for the sick kids at the Children's hospital and around the country.

"I couldn't say no, and we just learned as we went along," Shira's mother, actress Brooke Josephson said. "It's been exciting to watch her come up with all these ideas and to help her make them come to life. It's obviously every parent's dream to have your kid give back, but the way she's really on it, and the ideas that she's come up with, it's great watching how people have responded to it."

All the videos are shot in Shira's bedroom, with the help of her mom and her iPhone.

Shira reads from a variety of classic children's books, including Corduroy, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Paddington Bear, Peppa Pig and Pinkalicious. She also takes requests from the kids and their parents for her story selections.

Shira has become a philanthropist in her role as a Junior Ambassador. She recently raised thousands of dollars for the hospital's Walk L.A. event this past June. In just two weeks, she was able to bring in $12,000 for the charity event.

She has also become an author. Having published her first book, The Girl on the Subway, in July of this year, with all proceeds from the 24-page hand drawn story benefit the hospital.

Shira isn't stopping there though! Over the holidays she plans to start writing her second book, The Fickle Cat Called Pickles, along with shooting her videos.

"If there's one thing I could tell the children of Children's Hospital Los Angeles," Shira says, "I will do everything I can to make the videos special for you, so you don't feel alone."

What a great inspiration this young girl is!

Source: People