8 Young Stars We Haven't Seen Since Their Big Break

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Fame is a fickle thing, especially for those young people who are trying to make their first big splash in Hollywood. Often times a young person's career can be quickly derailed after their first breakout performance or recurring role.

Whether their careers end because they have been typecast, or because the movies they starred in were just garbage to begin with, some of these actors and actresses seemingly drop off the map once their characters are no longer relevant.

Let's take a look at 8 young actors and actresses that have become virtually irrelevant in the Hollywood sphere.

1. Asa Butterfield

They actually tried to make this kid a star, twice, unsuccessfully. After starring in Huge in 2011, the producers of Ender's Game cast him as one of the leading roles in 2013, but that YA series never really gained any traction and flopped at the box office.

Asa even got a third chance in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but even with an all-star cast alongside him, the movie didn't do very well. That is likely the last we will see of Asa Butterfield.


2. Jamie Campbell Bower

After getting a lead role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, you would think Bower had a chance to make a huge name for himself in the glitz and glam of Hollywood. But he followed up that performance with roles in Twilight (which ruined a lot of careers, but we will get there later) and in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The Mortal Instruments was so bad that they cancelled making any further movies in the series. Sadly, Bower wont be going down in Hollywood history, for anything good that is.

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3. Rupert Grint

Harry Potter became a cultural phenomenon, and the actors and actresses you continued to reprise their respective roles were expected to go on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately for Rupert Grint (among others that we will get to later on in this piece), after he was done playing Ron Weasley his career took a big nose dive. Talk about having a role define your career.

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4. Dakota Blue Richards

The Golden Compass was supposed to be the first movie as part of a trilogy. Though it did quite well world-wide, it was considered a disaster here at home in the U.S. The leading role went to Dakota Blue Richards, and she did that role justice. Sadly, when they decided not to continue the trilogy, Richards's Hollywood career came to crashing halt. She is making a bit of a name for herself on British TV though.

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5. Alex Pettyfer

Pettyfer actually had some talent, and after pretty good performances in I Am Number 4, and Magic Mike, you thought he was going to become a regular mainstay in Hollywood cinema. It wasn't his acting skills that derailed his career, it was the fact that he was becoming known for being hard to work with. He ended up feuding with Channing Tatum which is why he didn't appear in Magic Mike XXL.


6. Matthew Lewis

Another casualty of the Harry Potter franchise, Lewis took on the role of Neville Longbotton, who was integral to the complete story of the Potter world. He hasn't appeared in any further Hollywood blockbusters, but Lewis has had some success working in British television. Here's hoping he ends up making a comeback because he is actually a fairly talented actor.

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7. Taylor Lautner

Lautner's career was over the minute that the Twilight series concluded. The story and the acting were both so bad, but he had managed to become a teen heartthrob just because he was so easy to look at. Once he got into "real" acting he showed that he just wasn't up to the task.


8. Evanna Lynch

Lynch made her name as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series completely by accident. She was a super-fan who would routinely writer letters to author J.K. Rowling. She auditioned for the role on a whim and managed to beat out 15,000 other young ladies. Afterwards she had moderate success in the teen drama G.B.F., but she hasn't had an acting credit since 2015.

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