86-Year-Old Lost 120 Pounds Just By Walking In Her Living Room

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86-Year-Old Lost 120 Pounds Just By Walking In Her Living Room


While people are going crazy over trendy diets and workouts like keto and Crossfit, Jessica Slaughter managed to drop a whopping 120 pounds by going back to the basics.

The 86-year-old struggled with obesity for years. She used to be pre-diabetic and it didn't help that she indulged in unhealthy foods like fried chicken, bacon, pies, and other sugary treats.

"Even as a kid in Mississippi, I was always the fattest kid in the class. I got teased a lot," Slaughter told KSDK. "I didn't know how to stop eating."

When she entered her 70s, she realized that if she didn't make a change, she could die at any given moment.

However, Slaughter knew that she's setting herself up for failure if she went on a plan that was too restrictive, instead she took her granddaughter's advice and started tracking her steps.

Slaughter was afraid to walk outside because she did not want to risk falling, so she decided to take advantage of the space between her living room and kitchen to get her steps in.

The grandmother now walks 3,000 steps every morning, and it's what she credits for her massive weight loss as it is the only type of exercise she does.  

However, changing her eating habits also contributed to her transformation. Slaughter stopped eating meat since the scary doctor's appointment when she found out that diabetes was looming.

"I went to my doctor for a checkup. He told me my health was better than his," she explained. "I was a borderline diabetic. I'm free of all that, and I know it came from my way that I eat and exercise."

The octagenarian is now sharing her story in hopes of inspiring other seniors to get  up and move. There is no need for a gym membership, expensive diet, or even equipment. Heck, there's no need to even go outside.

"I just want seniors to know just because we've gotten a certain age, we don't have to stop living," Slaughter said. "I want to tell them that there's a better way of life if they choose."

Slaughters weight loss method is backed up by a lot of research. Walking is one of the easiest, but effective forms of exercise a person can do.

According to the Mayo Clinic, walking regularly at a brisk pace can help you get fit and slash your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you're not used to being active, the clinic suggests starting slow (five minutes daily) until you can reach at least 30 minutes.

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