9 Gross Things We all Do, But Would Never Admit To

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We all have gross habits.. Some are grosser than others, but we all have some habits we all share. Here's a list of nine we all do:

1. Letting the pan soak for way too long

No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves, no pan needs to be soaking for 48 hours. We're just lazy and it is gross, especially when we finally get courage to wash it and have to deal with the nasty brown sink water.

2. Wearing the same bra too many times in a row

I don't think anyone actually knows how many times it's sanitary to wear the same bra before washing it, but everyone is definitely guilty of wearing one way too many times.

3. Drinking out of communal bottles of juice

I hope I'm not the only one who sneaks a sip straight out of the bottle of juice or milk when no one is around. It's a disgusting and lazy habit to not just get a glass but it's addictive. Also, I would be really mad if I found out someone else in my house was doing the same thing, but that doesn't mean I'll stop..

4. Biting nails

The good thing is, it's not harming anyone but ourselves with this gross habit, bad news is the amount of bacteria and gross stuff we're putting in our mouths. If you bite your nails all the time and coincidentally are always sick, I think you have your answer as to why.

5. Pushing spilled ice under the fridge

My thought process when I drop an ice cube is always, "Yeah I could bend over and pick up that ice cube, or I could make it disappear forever with no effort," obvious choice.

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