9 Millionaire Pets That Are Living The Good Life

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9 Millionaire Pets That Are Living The Good Life

Money does strange things to people. We know that a dog can't spend money, especially not a huge sum like $12 million, but when you have that much cash just laying around, it starts to seem normal to leave a little something for your pet.

These animals lived the good life twice: while their owners were alive they got to travel the world, eat gourmet food and live in a nice house, then when their owners died the fun really started.

It can be a little painful realizing that a German shepherd has spent more money on his Summer house than we'll probably make in our entire lives, but you have to admit: if we were this rich, we would probably do the exact same thing.

1. Toby Rimes

Spirit Poodles

When New York millionaire Ella Wendel died in 1931, she's said to have left $20 million for her poodle Toby Rimes. Over the years, all the dog's descendants have also been named Toby Rimes, and have adopted his growing fortune. One caveat: no one has any proof that Toby really exists.

2. Gigoo the hen

Grow Your Own Magazine

This flush fowl was left with $15 million when his owner died. Miles Blackwell made a fortune in publishing, but he was a widower with no children, so aside from charity he left most of his fortune to his prized, rare chicken.

3. Blackie the cat


Another pet who inherited a fortune when their owner died, Blackie received $13 million from his owner, antique dealer Ben Rea, when he passed away. That would buy a lot of cat food!

4. Gunther IV

Gunther Dog

Gunther is actually rich from his own family's fortune. His father, Gunther 3, was left $106 million by Germany's Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany. Today, this German shepherd is rumored to be worth $372 million, and he's not shy about spending it. He bought Madonna's Miami mansion for $3 million.

5. Tommassino the cat

Time News Feed

How's this for a rags to riches story: a stray cat wandered into the home of Italian property collector Maria Assunta. The heiress adopted him, and years later left this pampered pet $12.4 million in her will. And they say black cats are unlucky!

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We just have one important question about these pampered pets: what, exactly, are they supposed to spend their money on?

We're not questioning how they choose to spend it - some of them make pretty informed decisions, like buying real estate. But you have to wonder: what do these millionaires expect their pets will buy with all the money left to them?

6. Grumpy Cat


After becoming famous as an online joke, this cat turned digital fame into real world dough with a TV film and a line of merchandise. He's rumored to be "worth" at least $1 million, but his owner Tabatha Bundesen has earned enough to retire at 28.

7. Drew Barrymore's dog Flossie


This dog isn't rich just because he lives with a famous celeb, he's actually worked his way to becoming a property owner. Flossie woke up Drew and her ex-husband Tom Green when their house caught fire, and the actress was so grateful she put her dog on the lease for their new $1.3 million home.

8. Trouble

ABC News

Real estate mogul Leona Helmsley was dubbed the "Queen of Mean" for the way she treated her staff, but she had a soft spot for her Maltese dog Trouble. She left him $12 million dollars in her will, earning herself spot #3 on Fortune's "101 Stupidest Moments in Business" list.

9. Big Tibby


Millionaire and animal lover Donald Moss bought Tibby when he was just a hatchling. When Moss died nearly 50 years later, he left his pet $62,000. Tibby lived out his final days with comforts like ceramic baths and luxury salads. Okay, so he wasn't a millionaire, but his life was still pretty nice!

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