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9 Millionaire Pets That Are Living The Good Life

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Money does strange things to people. We know that a dog can't spend money, especially not a huge sum like $12 million, but when you have that much cash just laying around, it starts to seem normal to leave a little something for your pet.

These animals lived the good life twice: while their owners were alive they got to travel the world, eat gourmet food and live in a nice house, then when their owners died the fun really started.

It can be a little painful realizing that a German shepherd has spent more money on his Summer house than we'll probably make in our entire lives, but you have to admit: if we were this rich, we would probably do the exact same thing.

1. Toby Rimes

Spirit Poodles

When New York millionaire Ella Wendel died in 1931, she's said to have left $20 million for her poodle Toby Rimes. Over the years, all the dog's descendants have also been named Toby Rimes, and have adopted his growing fortune. One caveat: no one has any proof that Toby really exists.

2. Gigoo the hen

Grow Your Own Magazine

This flush fowl was left with $15 million when his owner died. Miles Blackwell made a fortune in publishing, but he was a widower with no children, so aside from charity he left most of his fortune to his prized, rare chicken.

3. Blackie the cat


Another pet who inherited a fortune when their owner died, Blackie received $13 million from his owner, antique dealer Ben Rea, when he passed away. That would buy a lot of cat food!

4. Gunther IV

Gunther Dog

Gunther is actually rich from his own family's fortune. His father, Gunther 3, was left $106 million by Germany's Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany. Today, this German shepherd is rumored to be worth $372 million, and he's not shy about spending it. He bought Madonna's Miami mansion for $3 million.

5. Tommassino the cat

Time News Feed

How's this for a rags to riches story: a stray cat wandered into the home of Italian property collector Maria Assunta. The heiress adopted him, and years later left this pampered pet $12.4 million in her will. And they say black cats are unlucky!

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