9 Things You Can Get For Absolutely Free

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9 Things You Can Get For Absolutely Free

You work hard for your money every day, but if you're not seeing results in your bank account, it's time to start saving.

But don't think you have to cut out everything you enjoy in life to save a few dollars, just start getting more things for free. You may not realize it, but the world is full of great deals on things we use every day.

If you're willing to do a little bit of extra work you can save lots of money, without settling for less when it comes to quality. Take a look at this list of 9 things you'll never have to pay for again!

1. Haircuts

We know what you're thinking: we're trying to recommend you visit some barber college so the students there can practice on your hair? Well, to be honest, yes we are. You can get a really great cut for free or very cheap, but that's not the only way! Check with your local salon if they offer free cuts. Lots of places use them to train their new employees, so if you're willing to be their guinea pig you can get a great new look for free.

2. Gym Memberships

If you don't get a free gym membership from your job, you may qualify for one from your health insurance. Lots of providers offer free gym memberships, and even allowances for chiropractors and massage therapists. Sure, it's not really free, but you're already paying for it, so it might as well be! Some insurance providers will even pay you if you can prove you hit the gym regularly!

3. Airline Flights

You've been saving up air miles for years now with nothing to show for it, but don't write off your dreams of seeing Bora Bora just yet! All the major airlines have their own bonus cards. If you wait until they're offering a big signup bonus and get one, you usually receive enough points right off the bat to pay for a free flight! Bon voyage!

4.  Secondhand Things

If you want to stretch your bargaining muscle but don't want to spend your weekends driving around looking for yard sales, there are some websites that make things easier. People often list very cheap or free things on Craigslist. Look for "curb alerts" near where you live, this means there are lots of free things available. Or try Freecycle, where everything is free.

5. Prescription Drugs

To stay competitive, grocery chains and big box stores have started offering free prescription drugs to shoppers who join their loyalty programs. You can get generic drugs, diabetes medicine and even some antibiotics, depending on where you shop.

6. Shoes

All the major shoe companies do some form of free testing. You sign up online, they send you shoes in the mail, and you test them. They normally expect you to fill out a log telling them about your experience, but if you do well they'll keep sending you shoes. Keep checking your favorite company's website, because these opportunities open and close without warning.

7. Free Lights And Other Utilities

Switching to energy saving bulbs and other "green" products saves power companies lots of money, so some regions offer bonuses, discounts and rebates for customers to start using them. What that means for you is a house full of energy (and money) saving bulbs for free or almost free. You can find a full list of places that offer rebates here and see if you qualify.

8. Free Books

Yes, you can always stop by the library, but you don't even need to leave your house to get some free reading materials. The Google Books app and Amazon both have a collection of public domain books (which means they're old, but also includes lots of classics) that you can download for free. The website Books Should Be Free lets you download audiobooks, so you can take your free reading material wherever you want.

9. Electronics (And Pretty Much Everything Else You Can Buy On Amazon)

If you write helpful reviews on Amazon and enough people say they found your reviews useful, you can be chosen for a review service run by the website called Vine. Vine users get a list of free products they can claim, and Amazon sends it straight to them. All they have to do write a review and the product is theirs to keep. Whatever kind of products you enjoy, you can find similar free-for-reviews programs.

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