9 Times Animals Were Terrorizing A Town Near You

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The Inertia/The Curious Fortean

We might be the dominant species on the planet, but that doesn't mean we are the baddest creatures in the world. We share the Earth with thousands upon thousands of different species of animals, and even though we are "smarter" than all of them, sometimes they just get fed up with human bulls**t and end up taking matters into their own hands.

Here are 9 animals that actually decided it was time to fight back against their human oppressors.  

1. Meanie the Peacock

His name says it all, Meanie is one cold SOB. The pet from Houston, Texas is known to peck at the feet and legs of any women who happen to cross his path. Some people assumed his attacks had something to do with mating season, but because Meanie had a life-mate this theory was squashed. After being unable to stop Meanie from attacking using a taser, his owners decided the animal had to be put down. Every member of the family took home a feather to remember Meanie by.


2. Seal the surfer hunter

A male seal from the waters around Australia ended up going on a bit of a rampage. He bit one surfer so hard that the man required surgery. The seal than proceeded to go after three other surfers before beaching itself. Experts say that the seal would only attack if it felt threatened, and if it was going after surfers, something happened to rile it up.

The Inertia

3. You've heard of angry birds, how about an angry goat?

If you have ever been to a petting zoo, you know that goats can get pretty intense if they so choose to be. A goat from Londrina, Brazil was terrorizing residents by knocking them down while they were walking down the street, going after people on motorcycles with his horns and just causing utter chaos. Strangely enough, this goat had a bell around its neck so people on the street would get a little warning if the goat was approaching.

Daily Mail

4. The Chupacabra?

Livestock in and around Shelby County, Kentucky had been getting mutilated by an unknown creature that no one seemed to be able to capture the beast. Although no animals were outright killed, several goats were mauled so bad that they had to be put down. One Kentucky resident shot and killed an animal that he had never seen before because it had encroached on his property. Zoologists have yet to identify it, but people are assuming it was responsible for the animal mutilations.

Daily Mail

5. The Biting Squirrel of Brooklyn

Next time you think that squirrels are adorable little creatures that go out of their way to avoid humans at all costs, think again. In July of this year, a squirrel went on a rampage biting at least 5 people in Prospect Park, including one young child. Experts think that it likely has a hate on for humans because it was adopted by a human before being released into the wild, meaning that it thought that these people were going to feed it or give him treats.

Daily News

The next few animals are actually a serious danger if you come across them out in the wild.

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