Watch: 911 Operator Gets Hilarious Call From Boy About His "Emergency"


Watch: 911 Operator Gets Hilarious Call From Boy About His "Emergency"

Lafayette Police Department / PXhere

A 911 operator from Indiana is getting kudos from across the country for the way she handled a unique "emergency" call.

Antonia Bundy, an operator for the Lafayette Police Department, picked up the phone when a young boy dialed 911 looking for help with his homework.

In a clip of their conversation released by the police department, the unidentified boy tells Bundy he "had a really bad day," and was given "tons" of homework.

While Bundy was in her right to give the kid an earful for tying up an emergency phone line, she actually took the time to work through a few math problems with him. And what's even more impressive is she actually knew how to add fractions - be honest, how many of you remember that?

"I'm sorry for calling you," the boy said after Bundy worked through the tricky problem with him, "but I really needed help."

The police department praised Bundy for giving the child a helping hand despite the unusual circumstances.

"We get a lot of unusual call requests, but this one kind of stood out," Sergeant Matt Gard told ABC 7.

911 operator homework
Bundy helped the boy through his school work.Lafayette Police Department - Twitter

For the record, the department also warned that they "don't recommend 911 for homework help but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his day."

The police say they're trying to track down the boy so they can reconnect him with Bundy. But they make it clear that he's not in trouble.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a child looking for homework help called the emergency number. The Fort Collins Police Department shared their own clip of 10-year-old girl who called them for help last year.

"Hi," she said, "this isn't an emergency but I'm 10 years old and I'm working on my math homework right now and I can't figure out what [3,052 divided by 71] is."

"I don't know how to do that off the top of my head either at the moment," the operator admitted, before punching the numbers into a calculator.

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Have your kids ever called 911 for a goofy reason?

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