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This Couple Asked For Good Deeds Instead Of Gifts - Their Wedding Guests Delivered

Let's be honest: it's nice to get dozens of presents from your friends and family, but wedding gifts can also be a huge pain.

If you make a registry, that means taking a long trip to the store and picking out lots of junk you don't really need. If you don't, you wind up returning 5 identical toasters with no receipts.

Leigh Clark and her husband James didn't want to go through all that hassle, so they came up with a better idea. Leigh made a hobby of sharing random acts of kindness with strangers, so they asked all their wedding guests to do the same.

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James and Leigh encouraged each of their guests to do something nice for a total stranger, then to share their good deeds with the happy couple.

"We wanted to do something special for our wedding, and we realized we had the potential to get our guests involved," she told Today,

"A lot of people said they hadn't done anything like that before, so it was exciting for them”

Big or small, each of their guests did something special for someone they didn't know.

Some guests paid for a stranger's lunch or dinner, while another gave up their upgraded seat so a family could fly together.

Some gave snacks to their security guard, or their delivery driver, or the women at their nail salon.

A few even got their kids involved, brining supplies to animal shelters and charities for local women.

All of these small, generous acts were much more fulfilling than a house full of appliances and bowls.

"It's something that kind of goes on and on, with us also knowing people had their own special moment with a stranger on our behalf,'' Leigh said. "It's like a domino effect."

Marriage is about building a new life together after all, and there's no better way to start something than with kindness!

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