A Few Simple Tips That Will Help Ease The Pain Of Shin Splints

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For anyone who is physically active, or even for those that aren't, shin splints can cause you to have to stop doing whatever you are doing. The most common way that a person finds themselves dealing with shin splints is by repeatedly exposing their legs to impact-based actives, that's why runners commonly feel this particular type of pain.

What are shin splits? To put it in laymen's terms, it's when your calf muscle gets tired which ends up putting a lot of stress on your shin bone, causing the ligaments and tendons to painfully swell.

Some common ways to get shin splints are:

1. A quick increase in the level of your physical activity.

2. Changing from soft to hard running surfaces.

3. Old, worn-out shoes.

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4. Having weak core muscles.

5. Inflexible calf muscles.

Doctors and physiotherapists are well versed in what causes shin splints, so they know which simple exercises and steps to put you through in order to heal up.

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