A Florida Woman Pulled Gator From Her Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop

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A Florida Woman Pulled Gator From Her Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop


A traffic stop, commonly called being pulled over, is a temporary detention of a driver of a vehicle by police to investigate a possible crime or minor violation of law.

If you have been driving for any length of time, you have most likely experienced what it entails.

However, a traffic stop ended up being totally bizarre in Florida this week. A woman was given a standard question by police during a traffic stop:

"Do you have anything else?"

Her answer, anything but standard: Police say she pulled a foot-long baby alligator out of her yoga pants. Yup, you read that right. I said a foot-long baby alligator.

A police report obtained by Fox 4 from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office reads as follows:

"Sheriff's deputies say they stopped a pickup truck after they observed it passing through a stop sign. Officers spoke with driver Michael Clemons, 23, and passenger Ariel Marchan Le Quire, 26, who told the deputies they were collecting frogs and snakes."

The deputy than issued a warning citation and asked if they would be willing to open their backpacks to ensure that they were not collecting any wildlife they were not supposed to.

After police were given permission to search the vehicle, they found a bag with 41 small turtles.

When asked if they had anything else, Machan-Le Quire "proceeded to pull an alligator out of her yoga pants (about one foot in length) and placed it into the bed of the truck."

The sheriff's office posted the incident on social media. You can see the posts below:

The critters were released back into the wild. The humans escaped unscathed.  

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