George Clooney Surprised One Of His Biggest Fans For Her Birthday

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George Clooney Surprised One Of His Biggest Fans For Her Birthday

We all dream of our favorite celebrities stopping by to say hello on our birthdays, but in our hearts we know it's never going to happen.

Well, for one lucky senior it really did. Pat Adams lived her lifelong dream on Sunday when she got a special visit from E.R. star George Clooney.

Adams's care home, Sunrise of Sonning, runs a program called "Wish Upon a Star" that tries to grant the wishes of its elderly residents. Adams had wished to meet the movie star, and against all odds he payed her a visit this week.

A dream came true for one of our residents today !

Posted by Linda Jones on Sunday, March 19, 2017

The actor's visit was timed perfectly: Adams is turning 87 next week, so this was an amazing early birthday surprise.

Clooney arrived unannounced at the nursing home and spent about 15 minutes chatting with Adams. He even brought her a lovely card and a bouquet of flowers.

Sunrise's employees revealed that they had sent a few letters mentioning Adams's wish to Clooney, but until he showed up at their door holding one of them they had no idea he would come.

Clooney and his wife Amal actually own a luxurious 17th century mansion in Sonning, so it was only a short trip for the Ocean's 11 star.

According to Linda Jones, one of Sunrise's workers, Adams mentions Clooney and how much she'd like to meet him "every day," so this couldn't have happened to a nicer fan.

She even offered Clooney some words of encouragement about the twins his wife is expecting.

"I think he'll make a very good father," she told Entertainment Tonight. "And I wish him joy. And I just hope it all goes well for him because he's such a nice man."

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