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A Man Singlehandedly Saved A Church From Burning To The Ground

There are two types of people in an emergency: those who stand around and those who act. Thankfully for the Citrus Heights Advent Lutheran Church, CJ Sparks was a man who acts.

The 20-year-old was driving around the neighborhood when he started to smell smoke. As he got closer to the church he noticed huge flames climbing the side of the building. He called 911, but didn't stop there. Had he waiting for the fire department there's no doubt that the small community's church would be nothing but ash.

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Sparks ran towards the building and even entered the burning building to get a fire extinguisher. He spent the next 15 minutes battling the blaze. By the time the fire department arrive Sparks had already smothered the fire.

The church's pastor is calling Sparks a hero, and said that Sparks saved the Church's food pantry, which feeds hundreds of the communities homeless and needy every week.

There has been a lot of Good Samaritan stories this week, and considering the state of the world we need to hear more!

Watch the news report of Sparks' incredible act.

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